XLS Medical Fat Binder Review










XLS Medical Fat Binder Review


Read the full XLS Medical Fat Binder review here. We look at how it works, its ingredients, potential side effects and more.


The XLS Medical Fat Binder has been designed to bind up to 28% of your daily fat intake from food.





XLS Medical Fat Binder Reviews



When choosing a slimming pill, you will find a wealth of supplements competing for your business online.


Their websites often give you the hard sell without enough information on what you’re actually putting into your body.


XLS Medical Fat Binder appears to have taken a different approach by offering the “123 Hello Me” program.


What Is XLS Medical Fat Binder?


As the name suggests, this pill literally binds up to 28% of the dietary fat that you have consumed. The unique thing about XLS is the promotion of their diet plan, advising you on how to live healthily, follow a diet and exercise program and therefore, make the most of their fat binder pill.


For a limited time only save up to £25 on selected XLS Medical multipacks online from Boots.


How Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Work?


With a patented formula of the ingredient Litramine, which is a derivative from the prickly pear cactus. It works by creating a fat-fibre complex within the stomach which naturally slows down digestion and prevents around a quarter of fat from being absorbed by the body.


Unlike the well known Alli fat binder (a drug based fat binder only available from pharmacies), XLS Medical contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E replenishing any vitamins lost during the weight loss process.


Proactol.....a better option that XLS?


Proactol contains the same key ingredients as XLS Medical fat binder.


Proactol is 100% natural, free from negative side effects and is clinically proven to block up to 27.4% of dietary fat.


The key difference here is the price however as Proactol is around £20 cheaper for a one month supply.


Read more about Proactol & where to buy


XLS Medical Side Effects


This product has been endorsed by the powerhouse chemist Boots, who claim minimal side effects thanks to its natural ingredients. It will increase your metabolic rate by up to 39% according to research, so you may experience a loss of appetite which is often a plus point for dieters.


As with all dietary supplements it is worth checking with your GP first, especially if you are diabetic as XLS Medical balances glucose levels in order to stop food cravings. It also has a positive effect on lowering cholesterol and as it is high in fibre, it is advised you keep well hydrated to avoid constipation.


XLS Medical Fat Binder Conclusion



A very encouraging factor about XLS Medical is the knowledge it was created by the Pharmaceutical firm Omega and has been rigorously tested in clinical trials, deeming it safe for consumption.


It seems to be a very good option for someone looking for a weight loss program, due to the support and dietary information offered on their website.


However, a 12 week program of the XLS Medical Fat Binder is recommended, instructing you to take 2-3 tablets daily and with one month’s supply setting you back £64.99, be prepared to stretch the purse strings for your weight loss.


Buy XLS Medical Fat Binder online from Boots



XLS Medical Alternatives


Proactol features the same ingredients as XLS yet is much cheaper than its counterpart.


This is probably due in part to the different advertising budgets behind each product - Proactol is available online only and has not spent the vast sums of money XLS has needed to get it in the public eye.


Read more about Proactol



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