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Xenical side effects

We look at the side effects of the prescription only drug Xenical.


Linked to serious side effects and even deaths, Xenical is now under investigation by the FDA.


Find out what potential side effects are linked to taking Xenical, and what safer alternatives are available.





The Side Effects Of Xenical


Xenical side effects


Xenical is a prescription only weight loss drug which contains the active ingredient orlistat - also used in the over-the-counter diet pill Alli.


Orlistat works to block the breakdown of fat in consumed food, preventing around 28% of fat from being absorbed by the body.


Although clinically proven and easily available, Orlistat has recently come under fire amid reports of serious side effects.


According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, Orlistat is thought to have been responsible for 24 deaths since 2001 and hundreds of cases of liver damage.


Xenical is now currently under investigation by the FDA (the US Food and Drugs administration) and the MHRA (the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency).


Common Xenical side effects include headaches, oily leakage from the rectum, stomach cramps, increased flatulence, fatty stools, sudden diarrhoea, fatigue, anxiety and bloating.


Safe alternatives to Xenical and Alli


One of the best selling type of diet pills after fat blockers are fat binders, which work to reduce fat intake without blocking digestive enzymes in the stomach. Fat binders are natural supplements which are high in soluble fibre, typically containing prickly pear extract or chitosan (made from a type of shell fish).


These work by releasing sticky fibres which are attracted to fat molecules in undigested food. This causes around a quarter of fat to be passed through the system as waste.


Unlike the fat blocking action of orlistat, this fat leaves the body in a more solid state with normal bowel movement, and not as an oily liquid.


Proactol is the first natural fat binder to be fully approved by the UK medicines regulatory board the MHRA, and contains 100% natural prickly pear extract.


Proactol is not known to cause any side effects and is a proven safe alternative to drugs such as Alli and Xenical.


 Proactol fat binder :

 Clinically proven to bind up to 27.4% of fat intake
 Gently suppresses appetite, helps to prevent snacking

 Lowers cholesterol levels

 Medically backed and approved by the MHRA

 Full 180 day money back guarantee



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