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Slimming Pill Reviews - What Is The Best Slimming Pill?

During August 2011 we polled over 800 of our visitors and asked them to vote for their top rated diet pill.


The results are in, and we have a clear winner. Scroll down for the results!





Slimming pill reviews - Best slimming pill for 2011


With so many different diet supplements available, choosing the right one can be a hard decision.


There is a massive amount of conflicting information from slimming pill manufacturers and the media, all of which can be extremely confusing at first glance.


There is no "best slimming pill" that will magic away excess pounds, but there are some which are recommended time and time again and become best sellers for a reason. They offer the best user success and are the most popular due to word of mouth, and not media campaigns. 


January 2011 Readers Poll Results


During August 2011 we ran a reader poll to find out which was the UK's favourite natural weight loss product. Over 800 dieters took part and voted the 4-in-1 Meratol as the top choice based on value for money and rate of success.

Slimming Pill Winners


Below we take a look at the three top diet pills in reverse order from our survey, looking at how they work, weight loss results, guarantees, and how much they cost.





Voted No.1


Voted No.2


Voted No. 3



How it works


4-in-1 natural diet supplement


- Suppresses Appetite


- Increases metabolism


- Limits carbohydrate intake


- Limits fat intake


Natural fat burner featuring chili extract


- Boosts metabolism by up to 12x the normal rate


- Burn up to 278 extra calories per day with just one capsule

Powerful Appetite suppressant


- Curbs cravings and hunger


- Forces the body to store less fat


- Increases metabolism




Active Ingredients


Pricky Pear Extract


Brown Seaweed

Cactus extract


Vitamin B3

Black Pepper


Sympathomimetic -Amine



2 capsules per day

1 capsule per day

2 pills per day

Side Effects


100% natural - side effects are extremely rate and mild in nature

100% natural - side effects are extremely rate and mild in nature

Some very mild side effects have been reported.



30 days money back

30 days money back

None offered

Price Per Month


From 28.00 based on 3 month supply.

From 26.60 per month based on three month order

68 per month with savings on bulk orders



Media Coverage


- Daily Mail June 2011

- The Telegraph 2011

- New Magazine

- Now Magazine

- Daily Mail Jan 2010

- The Mirror June 2010

- The Metro June 2010

- Take 5 Magazine

- The Express June 2010

- The Telegraph
- New York Times
- Cosmopolitan
- You and Your Wedding
- BBC 

- Oprah Winfrey


Our Review



More about Meratol

More about Capsiplex

More about Phen375


Best Diet Pill for 2010 Winner


What was of no suprise was the fact that Meratol scored so highly amongst our readers.


This well established natural supplements popularity stems from it being reasonably priced, clinically proven and free from any negative side effects.


Read our Meratol Review


Capsiplex came a close second, with Phen375 in third respectively. Again no suprise here as we have received countless emails and positive feedback over the years, and both products are both a big hit with our readers.


Conclusion of the poll results


Meratols 4-in-1 approach to weight loss saw it rated our users top slimming pill. The results of the poll were in fact quite suprising, as Alli was thought to easily take the majority vote. However, despite the massive media interest and furore surrounding Alli, it did not fair so well in our survey, with many suggesting the embarrasing side effects put them off from buying it.


This certainly mirrors the declining sales experienced in the USA, where Alli is now struggling to attract new buyers amid fears its drug based ingredient - Orlistat could cause liver damage.



Meratol - Rating: 5/5

Appetite suppression, fat binding, fat burning and carb blocking with all natural ingredients. Simply the quickest and most effective way to lower calorie intake without resorting to a restrictive diet.


Read our Meratol Review or visit the Meratol website to order




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