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Size Zero patch reviews

The Size Zero Patch claims you can lose 24lbs in only 12 days, we see if there is any clinical evidence to back up this optimistic claim.


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Size Zero Patch reviews - Is it a scam?



Is the Size Zero patch a scam?


Slimming patches are becoming more and more popular, but like diet pill before them there are good and bad products available.


The Size Zero Patch falls into the bad diet product section, online research on weight loss forums and chat rooms have discussed the serious possibility that this product is a scam.


According to the manufacturers users of the Size Zero Patch can lose 24lbs in just 12 days without diet or exercise. The patch does this by using the fat burning ingredients being slowly released into the body through time-release technology.


Lack of clinical evidence


While the manufacturers claim that these results are scientifically proven, having looked on their website there is no proof of these results.


Also, the manufacturers of the Size Zero Patch claim that the patch is made from 100% herbal ingredients, again there is no proof shown. Without a list of ingredients, it is hard to know whether there are any potential Size Zero side effects. Very little actual clinical evidence or a description of how the patch works is shown either.


This lack of basic clinical information is unimpressive and should be a big red flag to any consumer looking to purchase a dietary product. In our opinion the Size Zero Patch should be avoided.


Slimming patches are still relatively new but have been shown to be a great way to lose weight. Simply apply the patch and forget about it, this has got to be easier than remembering to take a tablet every few hours.


It is recommended that you find a different slimming patch to the Size Zero Patch, one that can deliver the results that were promised without any doubts in your mind.


Size Zero Patch alternative


If you are looking for an effective diet patch from a reputable company then you should look at the Slim Weight Patch.


The Slim Weight Patch is made by a company called Roduve and has been clinically proven to help its users lose 2-4lbs per week.


The Slim Weight Patch helps increase the metabolism, helps to reduce cholesterol, plus also helps to curb hunger.


There are no known side effects from the Slim Weight Patch. The ingredients used are all natural and clinically proven to be safe.


Roduve are so confident in their product that they are offering a full 180-day money back guarantee should you not be 100% satisfied with the purchase.


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