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Silver Slimming Tablets


Read our in depth review of Silver slimming tablets, the UK produced product designed to increase weight loss.


Find out how they work, their ingredients to boost weight loss, and their side effects.






Silver Slimming Tablets




What are Silver Slimming tablets?


Silver slimming tablets are manufactured in the UK by the Silver Wellbeing company.


According to the official website, Silver slimming tablets are the UK's number one weight loss slimming tablet, and claim their flagship product both suppresses appetite and boosts energy levels.


So how do Sliver Slimming tablets work?


Silver slimming tablets aid weight loss by doing two things -


 Suppressing appetite

 Elevating the metabolism.


Lets find out how they do this below:


Appetite suppression -


The main ingredient which looks to be responsible for appetite suppression is the patent pending - Potassium Hydroxycitrate. HCA is an ingredient extracted from the rind of the fruit Garcinia cambogia, a native species from India.


* Studies have shown that it does in fact have an appetite suppressing effect, but has only resulted in minor weight loss. However one study did show that it can help prevent weight gain in the future.


Raise metabolism -


The ingredients caffeine, guarana, and ginseng are all known stimulants and often feature in many fat burners and diet pill formulations. Clinical studies have shown that all three ingredients can boost metabolism but all are dose dependant. The exact amounts found in Silver slimming tablets are not listed.


Silver Slimming tablets side effects


** Caffeine and Guarana can cause unwanted side effects and may be responsible for the reports of severe headaches in some users.


Due to the fact that quantities of caffeine and guarana are not listed on the product, drinking regular coffee and tea whilst using Silver slimming tablets may increase the instance of side effects. There are no side effects listed on Silver Wellbeing's website.


Where to buy Silver Slimming tablets


The best price is direct from the manufacturers Silver Wellbeing. The tablets cost £34.95 for 7 weeks supply.




Silver Slimming offer a 21 day money back guarantee.


Silver Slimming tablet dosage


1-2 capsules in the morning and one around 3pm. Product should be cycled with 5-6 days on and 1-2 days off.


Are Silver Slimming tablets clinically proven?


No. There is no mention on the official site that these diet pills are clinically proven to work.


Silver Slimming tablet conclusion


The Positives -


The Silver Slimming tablet does appear to contain ingredients which look as if they may help suppress appetite and boost metabolism. The company behind the tablet also seems to have the consumer’s interests at heart, and offer a 21 day money back guarantee.


The only qualm would be that 21 days may not really be enough to evaluate the product to its full extent. This is even more apparent as reported weight loss appears to be quite slow although positive.


The Negatives


 Unfortunately there appears to be no clinical proof that the Silver Slimming tablets actually result in any weight loss. Instead, a simple money back guarantee is offered.


 Hidden ingredient amounts.


 No mention of side effects.


Also the product features certain “proven” ingredients but do not list the actual quantities contained within. This is known as a ‘proprietary blend’ and is commonly used by supplement manufacturers to either hide the formula from the competition, or to only feature only very small amounts of proven ingredients and disguise this fact from the consumer.


Any product which contains caffeine and guarana should list potential side effects. Although normally well tolerated, high amounts of caffeine can cause nausea, headaches, upset stomach, and insomnia.


Silver Slimming tablet alternatives


Here at Natural Appetite Suppressant we only recommend products which have clinical proof that they work, a solid guarantee, and plenty of genuine user feedback. As a natural health site we also only feature supplements which are safe for long term use and have a very low incidence of side effects.


Our top recommendation and alternative to the Silver Slimming tablet is Proactol, which is made from 100% natural plant extract.


It has been clinically proven to reduce daily fat intake by 28% and also lower the calorie content of an average meal by up to 150 kcal.


Proactol also has the longest money back guarantee of any diet supplement.


Read our Proactol review here.










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