Reductil side effects










Reductil Side Effects

Here we examine the side effects associated with Reductil, the prescription only weight loss drug.


We look at the most common side effects that have been reported by users, and see what natural alternatives are available.






Reductil Side Effects



The US Food & Drug Administration regards Sibutramine, which is an active ingredient of Reductil, as an effective weight loss drug. This however, does not change the fact that multiple instances of medical side effects have resulted in the consumption of Reductil.


Some of the most common side effects being - an increase in blood pressure, a feeling of sickness, dizziness, an increase in heart rate, depression, headache or even arthritis.


You should never take a chance when experiencing any of the above side effects after a dosage of Reductil. No matter, how small or how big the symptoms be, it's always best to inform your doctor and cease consuming Reductil any further.



*Update - Reductil has now been banned in the UK and EU*



Natural Alternatives to Reductil


Reductil has proven to be effective and there's no denying it. However, there are much safer alternatives for curbing your appetite that work just the same (or even better, in some cases).


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One of the most notable off these alternatives is Meratol, a natural supplement containing cactus extract. Scientific research has shown that cactus extract is a highly competent appetite suppressant and has the added benefit of being 100% natural.


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Your doctor is most likely to prescribe Reductil, only when most other weight loss techniques have been unsuccessful in bringing your weight down, and you're left with the risk of developing weight related health issues.


Under usual circumstances, your doctor will determine your Body Mass Index (BMI)- as this is the information which is taken into consideration before issuing a prescription for any weight loss drug.


Your doctor will follow the same procedure before prescribing either Alli or Reductil. Both of which are classed as medical drugs owing to their chemical composition.


So what is Reductil?


Reductil, is simply the brand name of the active ingredient Sibutramine. It is an appetite suppressants and is commonly prescribed by doctors for subduing hunger.


As is the case with the other prescription only diet supplements - Reductil, though effective, may raise a few concerning issues.


As of now, you can buy Reductil only after getting an appropriate prescription from your doctor. This is done once the doctor has determined that you're eligible and are at acute risk of developing weight related diseases. Classed as a drug, Reductil is nothing but a chemical compound. This drug cannot be bought online or anywhere else legally or indeed safely without a full prescription.


How does Reductil really work?


Reductil, primarily works by killing your appetite, which results in reduced calorie consumption. When we eat, the brain senses our stomach getting full and releases two active chemicals - serotonin and noradrenaline. As these two chemicals reach a certain level, our hunger depletes and we feel full.


As time passes by, both these chemical levels begin to drop - when this happens, we feel hungry again. Reductil has the ability to stop these two chemicals from dropping to lower levels, thereby preventing us from feeling hungry for a long time. This results in cutting snacking and cravings to a minimum.


Reductil Alternative


A 100% natural and safe alternative to Reductil is the best selling Meratol.


Meratol contains natural ingredients with a flawless safety record, it has been the subject of many successful studies proving its effectiveness in safely suppressing appetite.


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