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Phentermine over the counter


Phentermine is a prescription only weight loss drug, which has recently caused some concern over its serious side effects. This has led to a ban of the drug in some countries.


We look at Phen 375, a natural prescription strength alternative with a 100% legal Phentermine formulation.





Phentermine Over The Counter


What is Phentermine?


Phentermine is a powerful weight loss drug which limits the amount you want to eat and substantially increases the metabolism.


However, the original phentermine formulation is currently unavailable without a doctors prescription.


Phentermine has also been banned in a number of countries due to potential side effects.


Where can I buy Phentermine over the counter?


Those looking for non-prescription phentermine may have a hard time finding a legal and safe product.


Phentemine 375 however, is a 100% legal fat burner which has been formulated to offer the same level of performance as Phentermine.


Read our full Phen 375 review here.


Phentemine 375 is unlike any typical fat burner, as it is a pharmaceutical grade product produced in FDA approved laboratories.


Phen 375 works by breaking down stubborn fatty tissues and helping the body burn stored fat for energy.


Is Phen 375 a safe Phentermine alternative?


Although Phen 375 should not be confused with a herbal supplement, the method of action is in fact entirely natural.


Phen 375 synthesizes hormones which are responsible for a faster metabolism, without relying on harsh stimulants such as ephedra.


Phen 375 does not cause any negative side effects.


Key benefits of Phen 375 -


 100% legal and safe even for long term use

 45 day money back guarantee
 Can be purchased online without prescription
 Pharmacy grade formula
 Proven and effective alternative to Phentermine
 Strongest fat burner legally available


How fast will I notice results with Phen 375?


We have had a number of emails and general feedback over recent months stating how fast this product gets to work.


Typical weight loss is around 2-4lbs per week, however those with more weight to lose often see much more dramatic results than this.


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