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Phenphedrine side effects 

If you're thinking of trying Phenphedrine for weight loss but are unsure if there are any side effects, read our Phenphedrine review here.


We look at how Phenphedrine works, and more importantly if Phenphedrine has any actual clinical proof to back up its weight loss claims.




Phenphedrine Side Effects



Phenphedrine is a fairly new addition in the world of diet supplements and as of yet actual user reviews appear to be thin on the ground.


What is clear though is that Phenphedrine is a fat burner and contains a number of natural stimulants in an effort to artificially boost regular metabolism.


Are fat burners safe?


Although the manufacturer has stated that the ingredients are natural this does not mean they are necessarily safe.


A look at the long list of diet pills which have been banned in the last decade show that all though most appear to contain harmless ingredients, many can cause some pretty unpleasant side effects.


In the case of Hydroxycut, another popular fat burner, some users suffered serious cardiac side effects, which unfortunately resulted in the death of one teenager in the USA.


What does Phenphedrine contain?


Rather alarmingly, a look at the sales page on the official Phenphedrine website shows that ingredients have been chosen which are "alternatives to cocaine and amphetamine".


The main ingredient appears to be Dicaffeine Malate which is malic acid added to regular caffeine. This greatly enhances caffeine’s effects in the blood stream and may stimulate heart rate to burn more calories.


Does Phenphedrine work?


Although some of the ingredients may help with boosting metabolism, none are clinically proven to offer any real weight loss benefits.


Phenphedrine side effects


The formulation looks as though it will be unlikely to do any major harm, however high doses of caffeine can cause side effects in some users. Common reactions are stomach cramps, nausea, headaches, insomnia and rapid heart beat.


Is there a safer, more effective fat burner?


Most fat burners simply contain high amounts of caffeine or unproven ingredients which do very little to actually promote weight loss.


However, a recently released pharmacy-grade fat burner is one of the first non-prescription products to offer genuine fat burning ability, without side effects.


Phen375 promises to burn stubborn fat on the hips, buttocks and stomach by forcing the body to burn it's own fat reserves for energy.


Phen375 works by mimicking hormones which are responsible for a natuarally fast metabolism and low BMI, and also prevents carbohydrates from being stored as fat.


Unlike the vast majority of fat burners, Phen375 is manufactured in FDA approved labs at pharmacy grade quality.


Read our Phen375 Review


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