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most-effective-appetite-suppressantEverybody who has ever embarked on a fat loss plan understands that they often fail because of food cravings. To decrease weight, an individual had better consume a restricted amount of kcals per day. 


When those kcals are utilised, the individual is not allowed to consume any further food for that day. However, if they still feel the need to eat, which they normally do, they proceed to eat extra calories. Additional calories will obviously hamper any weight loss. The outcome is frustration and de-motivation.


In order to sort this issue, and manage their cravings, slimmers use appetite suppressants. These are obtainable in 2 different sorts: organic and man made. healthy aids include fruits and other certain appetite suppressant foods, whilst synthesised tablets include Proactol, Appesat, and UniqueHoodia.
However, how do you know which one is more efficient? As everyone's body and eating routines are individual, the solution relys on the individual person and what produces the best results for them.



So what's the most effective appetite suppressant?

Apples are a common appetite suppressant, they consist of high amounts of fiber that may assist in lowering appetite. Lettuce is also another organic food craving beater. Lettuce contains a small amount of calories but again is high in fiber, helping you to feel fuller for longer.

Water has long been heralded as an easy way to restrict your calorie intake. Because water contains no calories, you can drink as much water as you wish. It not only helps to fill your stomach, it also aids to expel oxidants out of your body.


Medical professionals advise you should consume around 8 glasses of water every 24 hours.

However one of the most powerful and most effective appetite suppressants has to 
be Prickly Pear. This cactus like plant grows wild in the deserts of South Africa.


Prickly Pear extract works by releasing small soluble fibres which "bulk up" the contents of the stomach immediately after eating. As these natural fibres digest slowly it can leave you feeling full for up to three hours, drastically reducing cravings and stopping overeating.


Just like natural foods which control hunger, Proactol has no side effects, so it could be used as directed without risk. You can read more about Proactol here -


Read our Proactol Review


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