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Losing Baby Weight

Ok, so you wouldn't swap your little bundle of joy for the world, but losing your post baby weight can feel like one of the downsides of giving birth sometimes.


Read our top tips for the best ways to lose baby weight and get your pre pregnancy body back.





How To Lose Pregnancy Weight



How to lose baby weight


Losing the weight gained after pregnancy can at first seem a daunting prospect. It hardly helps that the media put so much focus on "getting back in shape" and features ridiculously thin celebrity mums who lose their baby weight just weeks after giving birth.


Losing baby weight tip 1 - stay away from restrictive diets


As with any diet plan, the best strategy is to focus on losing weight slowly and avoid any kind of severe calorie restriction or crash diet.


After all you are going to need a lot of energy in the first few months of child birth and good nutrition is paramount to both your health and if you are breastfeeding, your baby’s health too.


Losing baby weight tip 2 - Eat a “rainbow” of foods


Make sure you eat a balanced and varied diet and don’t cut out any one type of food group such as carbohydrates or fat. Instead focus on eating 4-5 small meals per day consisting of quality lean protein sources such as fish, chicken or eggs, accompanied by plenty of vegetables and complex carbohydrates; brown rice, brown pasta or wholegrain bread are all good choices.


Try and stay away from processed or refined sugars such as biscuits and chocolate bars, as these will cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels; leaving you feeling hungry and craving more.


Losing baby weight tip 3 - Supplement your diet with vitamins, green tea extract, and prickly pear extract




B-Vitamins are important for giving you plenty of energy throughout the day and are a recommended addition to any new mother’s diet.


Green Tea extract


Studies have shown that supplementing with green tea extract can raise metabolism and help you burn more calories and fat. Although not entirely effective on its own, using green tea extract can give excellent results when combined with a low fat diet.


Prickly pear extract


Last but not least, try using a natural fat binder such as Proactol, which contains prickly pear extract. This natural ingredient has recently been sientifically proven to cut around 28% of your daily fat intake without any change to your current diet or activity levels.


Proactol works in a similar way to the recently released Alli, and works by binding undigested fat molecules together making them too large to be absorbed by the body.


However unlike the drug based Alli diet pill, Proactol is free from any side effects, artificial colours or preservatives.


Read more about Proactol




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