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Lose Love Handles

How to lose love handles, those pinchable rolls of fat that reside around the waistline, are one part of our body we love to hate.


What's the deal with this extra fat that clings stubbornly around your belly? Is there any way to lose love handles? We find the best 5 tips to get rid of love handles!





Lose Love handles



The key to losing love handles is to burn off body fat, build muscle and eat healthily.


While you can't reduce purely your love handles, toning up your middle muscles will definitely give them a flatter, firmer, tighter appearance.


Also when you begin to lose weight overall, you're bound to downsize your waistline and love handles as well. Love handles tend to begin disappearing on men when they reach a body composition of 12 percent body fat. On women, it begins to happen when they reach 20 percent body fat.

Lose love handles Tip 1 - Avoid snacking late at night.

This is a problem because you don't do much activity at night, you may just watch TV then head straight to bed, meaning no energy is spent. This causes a high sugar level in your blood stream and the excess sugar will result to extra fat stored under your skin.


Lose love handles Tip 2 - Cut out junk food.

It's extremely tempting to eat junk food like cakes, chips, chocolate etc, even though we know it wont do our health any good. Most of these foods have high levels of saturated fats and sugar that will pile on the pounds. When you go shopping, try to not to buy any junk food, because if its not in your cupboard at home, you wont succumb to the temptation of eating it! This is one way to get rid of bad eating habits and start eating healthier, another would be to use an appetite suppressant.



Lose love handles Tip 3 - Eat Fresh

These days we find our shelves and fridges full of canned goods and processed foods because they are convenient. We don't realise what nutrients our body is missing from a lack of fresh goods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Get into the habit of buying fresh, this will cleaning up your diet and will definitely make a huge difference in leaning out your midsection.


Lose love handles Tip 4 Reduce alcohol intake

Try to reduce your alcohol consumption. Alcohol contains a high amount of calories and too much alcohol in the body causes weight gain and fat on your stomach. One gram of alcohol contains 7 calories and no nutrients, it's all fat. So the more you consume, the more fat will head straight for your love handles. Drinking in moderation is the key.


Lose love handles Tip 5 - Exercise

If you really want to get in good shape and lose those love handles for good, regular exercise is the key. To lose weight, combine a sensible diet with four to six moderately intense, fat burning workouts a week. Cardiovascular activities like running, biking riding playing outdoor sports with the kids and even walking, not only do a great job of obliterating those calories, but they also place a great deal of emphasis on your obliques and rectus abdominals, the muscles that reside underneath that spare tire.


Our top recommended product for beating love handles


The natural weight loss supplement Proactol is well worth a look if you are struggling to lose those excess pounds, without giving up the foods you love or becoming a slave to the treadmill.


Proactol has a dual weight loss effect and works as an appetite suppressant, and fat binder to reduce the amount of calories and saturated fat you consume in a day. It has also been clinically proven to work with no major changes to your current exercise routine or diet.


Proactol has a great effect on metabolising fat, and can lower the calorie content of a typical meal by approximately 150 calories.




100% Natural and safe for long term use.

You can read more about Proactol here



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