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Lipotrim Diet 

The Lipotrim Diet is a meal replacement program designed to followed under medical supervision.


Its range of products include shakes, soups and bars which are to be taken in place of your regular meals. Read our full Lipotrim diet review below.






The Lipotrim Diet Review



What is Lipotrim?


Lipotrim is a diet that consists of various meal-replacement options. The program was conceived by Howard Foundation Research Limited, which is an obesity research company based in the United Kingdom.


To embark on the Lipotrim diet plan, the patient first has to be seen by their family doctor, as it is only available from the pharmacy via a prescription.


The Lipotrim diet program


The makers of Lipotrim say that it is intended for those who are severely overweight or obese, and those who are serious about losing weight. The meal replacements are as follows: chicken soup, vegetable soup and pancakes (in either peanut butter or coconut flavour).


There are also flavoured drink mixes available. As we mentioned, the program is only accessible under medical supervision - if you are in the UK or Ireland and you want to embark on the Lipotrim program, you'll need to meet regularly with your general practitioner so that they can monitor your progress.


You will also be closely monitored by the pharmacy, and that's where you'll need to return to get your weekly supplies.


How much can I expect to lose?


The manufacturers of Lipotrim claim that men can lose one and a half stone in a month, and women can lose up to one stone per month while following the program. However, as this is a meal replacement program that severely limits caloric intake, most weight loss is not permanent and the weight will creep back on once the program is concluded.


Many who have tried the Lipotrim program have indeed lost quite a bit of weight, but had a hard time keeping it off once they resumed their normal eating habits. Lipotrim users also report feeling dizzy, weak and hungry to the point of feeling ill.


Lipotrim alternative


While Lipotrim can produce results for seriously overweight people, a far safer weight-loss alternative can be found in the form of Meratol. This is an all-natural, side-effect free supplement, which contains 4 scientifically proven ingredients.


Meratol works by gently suppressing appetite, boosting the metabolism, and blocking carbohydrate and fat intake. Meratol works best when it's used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise regimen.


If you are looking for a safe and natural alternative to Lipotrim, then Meratol is our recommendation.


Product Suppresses Appetite Energy Booster Metabolism Booster Natural Ingredients Blocks Carbohydrates Blocks Fat Clinically Proven























Read our Meratol Review



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