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Lipoclen at a glance..


Lipoclen is a diet aid marketed as a colon cleanser, fat burner and appetite suppressant. Available only from the official website, a bottle of 28 tablets costs $39.97 (Around £25). 


Four tablets should be taken daily, two before breakfast and lunch, which the manufacturer promises will promote weight loss of 10lbs in ten days.


Is Lipoclen a scam?


Any diet pill which promises drastic and sudden weight loss should be approached with caution, and Lipoclen is no exception.


The official website looks somewhat credible, with detailed information about the 40 ingredients, which work in combination to cleanse the colon, improve digestion, increase metabolism and energy to burn more fat, and to curb cravings so fewer calories are consumed.


However, the whopping 40 ingredients are in such small doses they cannot be effective, and you would be hard pushed to find an effective diet aid with anything like this amount of ingredients.


The website documents the weight loss properties of a number of these, the likes of cayenne pepper and green tea which are respected and well known to be effective in the right proportions.


Unfortunately however, their presence is worthless and are smokescreens for the ingredients in Lipoclen which do cause weight loss, namely the diuretics and laxatives in the form of dandelion, uva ursi and buchu leaves.


Whereas the official website claims Lipoclen will cleanse and detoxify the digestive system to optimise bodily processes and positively affect health, diuretics dangerously purge the body of water along with nutrients and vitamins.


This can cause temporary weight loss but can also lead to a drop in blood pressure, dehydration, diarrhoea, palpitations and cramping.


....Not quite the natural, safe weight loss portrayed by the glossy official website.


User feedback on Lipoclen


There is very little independent positive feedback about Lipoclen, only what is on the official website which does confirm both rapid and considerable results.


Even if this is to be believed such weight loss is not achieved in a safe and natural manner, and will be hard to maintain as weight loss through diuretics will be regained immediately once the tablets are stopped.




 90 day money back guarantee



 Potentially dangerous to health.

 Can lead to dehydration and diarrhoea.

 No clinical proof of effectiveness of the blend.

 No clinical studies to suggest colon cleansing can aid weight loss.

 Extremely expensive, $39.97 for one week’s supply.

 No name and address details for the manufacturer, only a freephone number and email.

 Official website does not explain the true nature of any resulting weight loss, namely through water loss and purging, but hides behind ‘colon cleansing’ and fat burning processes.



Is Lipoclen recommended?
Our Rating :   (2/5)


Lipoclen is probably best avoided, even with the 90 day money back guarantee. This product fails to achieve safe, natural and maintainable weight loss, and could damage your health.


The official website claims it is ‘the most effective weight loss pill to hit the market in more than a decade,’ but nowhere is this claim substantiated. If anything, the consumer is deceived by the marketing slant that this is a fat burner and appetite suppressant which also improves digestion.


There is no evidence to suggest it will achieve the first two effects, and is more likely to cause gastric problems rather than improve them. With the high purchase price and minimal information on the manufacturer, other diet supplements offer far better, safer results and should be considered before this one.




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