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Grenade Fat Burner Review 

We take a look at the Grenade fat burner by GNC.


Designed to boost metabolism and burn fat, the Grenade fat burner is packed full of natural weight loss ingredients.


Find out how it works in the full Grenade fat burner review here.




Grenade Fat Burner GNC


What Is The Grenade Fat Burner?


Not for the faint-hearted, the Grenade Fat Burner by GNC (also known as Grenade Thermo Detonator), is a diet pill that expects results.


The UK based company has achieved sales in 130 countries worldwide and from the flawless models adorning their website, there is a definite appeal to this fat buster.


How Does The Grenade Fat Burner Work?


Describing itself as ‘The world’s strongest fat burner”, it has a wealth of natural ingredients, that when combined, promise to give real results in a short space of time. Its ingredients include :


Green Tea Extract


This natural antioxidant is a popular choice for dietary supplements. However, with the Grenade Fat Burner, the green tea contains an increased volume of the tongue-twisting compound epigallocatechin gallate, which is scientifically proven to boost the metabolism.


Raspberry Ketones


Raspberry Ketones are natural enzymes found in raspberries. They increase the protein hormone Adiponectin within the body, helping to reduce fat from being absorbed in the gut.


Raspberry ketones also have the ability to suppress appetite, making you feel fuller for longer and helping cut out those tempting snacks.


Are There Any Side Effects?


The unique advantage of the Grenade Fat Burner is the use of the powerhouse ingredient Bitter Orange Extract. It has been used as a Chinese remedy for thousands of years for a myriad of health benefits, however it has also proven extremely effective in the fight against fat.


Bitter orange is safer alternative to Ephedrine, a dietary supplement derived from the plant Ephedra. Ephedrine was once a popular tipple for athletes as it was known to improve their performance by massively increasing their metabolism.


However, the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) banned the use of ephedrine in 2004 citing dangerous side effects.


Bitter Orange Extract has been documented as being as effective as Ephedrine without the risks or harmful side effects. It works by breaking down stored fat to be used as fuel, while also enhancing the burning of fat and maintaining lean muscle mass. 


Other Alternatives to consider.....Capsiplex


As far as fat burners go, the excellent Capsiplex is well worth a mention. This fat burner sold over 50,000 bottles within three days of release thanks to its proven fat-busting formula, zero side effects and sensible price.


Capsiplex can burn as many calories as found in a medium hamburger, leading to various UK newspapers naming it the “NHS wonder pill”.


Read more about Capsiplex



Grenade Fat Burner Conclusion  4/5


You may need a medical dictionary to decipher the compounds of their ingredients, however, it is a refreshing change to see such detailed explanations for what you are putting into your body.


Along with the list of ingredients, there is promising evidence on the website of research and clinical trials having been conducted.


With the army style packaging, the Grenade Fat Burner means business. However, as with any fat burner, users will need to be committed to a sensible diet and exercise program to get the best results from this supplement.


Where to buy Grenade Fat Burner?


Available from a number of online stores, with Holland and Barrett being a popular choice. Grenade Fat Burner costs £46 for 100 capsules with free shipping from this trusted outlet.

Buy Grenade online from Holland & Barrett

The Grenade Fat Burner is now REDUCED online for a limited time only on Holland & Barrett’s website. Holland & Barrett also offer fast free delivery anywhere in the UK.


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