Formoline Tablets










Formoline Tablets

Formoline L112 is marketed as a weight managment tablet, which claims to bind the fat from your everyday meals.


Find out the story behind Formoline, its ingredients, how it works, and its effectiveness at aiding weight loss.


Read our Formoline tablet review here.





Formoline Tablets



What are Formoline tablets?

Formoline L112 is a type of fat binder which claims to reduce the amount of daily fat intake, and lower overall calorie consumption.


How do Formoline tablets work?


Formoline L112 contains the active ingredient Polyglucosamine, which is made from shellfish and normally known for its positive effects on joint mobility.


According to the manufacturer this ingredient binds itself to fat molecules, rendering them un-digestible. The resulting waste is then passed out with normal bodily functions.


Is Formoline clinically proven to work?


There is no clinical proof that Formoline L112 binds fat or helps you to lose weight.


Formoline tablets side effects


Not suitable for vegetarians or those with shellfish allergies. There are no other adverse side effects with Formoline.


Where to buy Formoline


The best offer at the moment seems to be at Evolution Slimming, they are currently offering a 48 tablet pack of Formoline tablets for around 30.


Formoline dosage


Suggested dosage is two tablets twice per day, taken with meals, and half a pint of water. 1 tablet twice per day to maintain your target weight.


Formoline tablets verdict


This product is fairly expensive for a non proven formula. As Formoline is a dedicated fat binder it will only help you lose weight if your regular diet normally consists of high fatty foods. It will not reduce carbohydrate intake, how much you eat, or speed up metabolism.


Formoline tablets recommended alternative


We believe an effective weight loss supplement should contain ingredients which have been clinically proven to work, and most importantly, target the underlying causes of weight gain notably overeating and slow metabolism.


If you are looking for a clinically proven fat binder, then read our Proactol review.


Proactol has just been voted the best fat binder on the market for the second year running.  



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