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Fat burning patches 


Are fat burning patches a scam? We look at how they work and their ingredients, to see if they are a better choice than diet pills.


Fat burning patches use something called Trans Dermal technology, the same technology which is used in nicorette patches.






Fat Burning Patches Review


What are fat burning patches?


Fat burning patches are a new weight loss product that is literally stuck directly onto your skin, it is claimed that they can help you to burn fat.


They work by delivering their fat burning ingredients directly into the bloodstream.


Fat burning patches are generally thought to be a scam or a fake product. Although fat burning patches tend to use the same ingredients as diet pills, there are still some doubts about their worth.


How do fat burning patches work?


Most Fat burning patches use Trans Dermal technology to deliver the ingredients into the body.


The ingredients are delivered in a controlled manner through the skin throughout the day.


This same technology is more commonly used in contraceptives and nicorette patches.


Trans Dermal delivery has been shown to be effective at delivering supplements directly into the blood as it misses the liver in delivery, which would have reduced the effectiveness of the ingredients.


Although these fat burning patches often use proven fat burning ingredients there is still doubt that they work. However, there have been many positive testimonials from users that have tried these fat burning patches.


So what's the best fat burning patch?


One of the most popular fat burning patches is the Slim Weight Patch, which is made by Roduve. This patch has been proven to be safe and has an excellent money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the results.


The Slim Weight Patch has been created from a mixture of all natural ingredients. It is effective at delivering the fat burning ingredients to the thyroid gland.


With the Slim Weight Patch you can reduce your food consumption. You can also burn more calories and fat, helping you to lose weight from your first patch to your last.


You have nothing to lose by taking the Slim Weight Patch, if you are not happy with the results of the fat burning patch after 120 days you can claim a full refund.


Get started on your fat burning journey with the Slim Weight Patch today.


For more information visit the Slim Weight Patch website



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