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Fat Binding Tablets

We take a look at the top three fat binding pills - Lipobind, Alli and Proactol.


We look at ingredients, side effects and more to see which fat binder is the best at aiding weight loss.


Find out in our fat binding tablets review below.....




What's the best fat binding tablet?


Fat binders are an excellent way to help control calorie intake, as they help absorb some of the fats we consume each time we eat a meal.


However, with so many different fat-binding supplements now on the market, which one should you choose?


The team at Natural-Appetite-Suppressant.co.uk decided to look at the top three selling binders in the UK - Lipobind, Alli and Proactol.


#1 Proactol - The clinically proven fat binding tablet


Proactol’s active ingredient NeOpuntia has been clinically proven to bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake. Along with this it helps to suppress the appetite and decrease food cravings.


Users of Proactol have also noticed lower cholesterol levels in their blood, plus increased flexibility in their joints and a reduction of aches and pains in their limbs.


Taking all this into consideration, it is of little wonder that Proactol won the proud position of The Telegraph’s best fat binding tablet.


All these points add up to make Proactol the best choice of the three products. Although all three can help you lose weight, Proactol carries many other benefits.


If you are searching for a fat binder that works without any side effects then Proactol is our number one choice.


Read more about Proactol in our review


How do fat binders work?


Natural fat binders such as Proactol work by releasing non-soluble fibres which bind themselves to dietary fat, making the fat molecules too large to be absorbed by the body.


This unabsorbed fat is then passed through the body naturally through your bowel movements. The process has been proven to both safe and effective, helping to remove around 27% of fats from your diet.


#2 Lipobind - Natural fat binding ingredients


Lipobind is a fat binding weight loss tablet that is created from plant extract and natural fibre complex. Meaning it is less likely to have side effects.


As well as its fat binding abilities, Lipobind is also good for appetite suppression. The fibre complex created when the fat is bound expands to form a stable gel. This then slows the rate that the food would leave the stomach, making you feel fuller for longer.


Lipobind has been clinically proven and is one of the best selling fat binders available in the UK.


Buy Lipobind online from Evolution Slimming



#3 Alli - The drug-based fat binder


Another tablet that helps to bind fat is Alli. This fat binder has been available to US dieters for a number of years, and has recently been released in the UK where it was expected to take the market by storm. However this has not been the case as it has received mixed reviews.


Many of these reviews have shown that Alli comes with some messy side effects, such as chronic diarrhoea and watery stools. Both these side effects are openly admitted too by the makers of Alli.


While both of these fat binding tablets work in the same way, and offer some good results, Proactol is the better product as it offers twice the potency of Lipobind without the messy side effects, or drug based ingredients of Alli.



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