Kombucha Tea - does it help you lose weight?










Does Kombucha tea help you lose weight? 

Kombucha Tea is belived to be "miracle tea" which helps to cure many ilnesses and diseases, but is this just ancient Chinese myth?


We look at the ingredients in Kombucha tea, to see if it can actually work to help with weight loss.





Does Kombucha Tea Help You Lose Weight?


Does Kombucha tea work?


Kombucha tea has been around for centuries, but it is only recently that the media has thrust the drink into the public arena, thanks to some celebrity endorsement from the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Halle Berry.


Both celebs were recently pictured clutching bottles of Kombucha tea, which if ancient Chinese legends are to believed, is a "miracle tea" which can cure many illnesses and diseases.


However in this day and age, we like to see more in the line of clinical evidence and genuine feedback before we rush off credit card in hand....


So what exactly is Kombucha tea?


Kombucha tea is actually not the latest brand of PG Tips and is instead a type of pro-biotic fermented from certain types of yeast.


The Chinese have the perfect name for the drink which is Chameijun - literally meaning "tea mould".


Kombucha tea can be purchased as a ready fermented drink, but is also commonly purchased as a kit - similar to the often foul tasting do-it-yourself yeast based beer kits.


Can Kombucha help you lose weight?


One of the many claims based around Kombucha is its ability to detoxify the body and help you lose weight. However, unlike a number of other non-fermented teas such as green tea, there is no actual evidence to back up this claim.


In fact according to a number of recent reports, you are much more likely to suffer from negative side effects than you are positive ones.


Apart from the commonly reported disgusting taste, Kombucha tea can cause some allergic reactions in a percentage of its users.


Dr Emma Williams of the British Nutrition Foundation has recently stated that further studies are needed, and any potential health benefits should be viewed with caution.


Difficulty breathing, jaundice and upset stomach are all known side effects with Kombucha.


Is there a better option than Kombucha tea?


Green tea is probably the most well known tea supplement which has actually undergone a huge amount of clinical studies.


However, recent research has shown that the tea leaves Sencha, Puerh and Wuyi Cliff Oolong are actually two and half times more effective at boosting the metabolism than Green Tea extract.


This is due to the abnormally high amounts of anti-oxidant compounds which are naturally found in the leaves. Further studies have concluded that organically grown leaves have an even greater effect on the metabolism.


Which is the best weight loss tea?


Tava Tea is one such blend which incorporates organic Sencha, Puerh and Wuyi Cliff Oolong.


Unlike Kombucha, Tava Tea is clinically proven to promote weight loss and also offers a number of other positive benefits.


Tava Tea has also been shown to combat depression, prevent premature ageing and most importantly is free from any negative side effects.


Tava Tea is made just like a normal "cuppa" and is brewed from a simple tea bag containing the organic leaves.


Visit the official Tava Tea website for more details.




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