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Does Cho Yung Tea Work? 

Cho Yung tea is a weight loss tea, which is designed to by drunk twice a day in place of your normal tea.


This sounds like a convenient option when trying to lose weight, rather than having to remember to take weight loss pills, but does Cho Yung tea actually work?






Does Cho Yung Tea Work?


What is Cho Yung tea?


Cho Yung Tea is a herbal tea created to help with digestion, to boost your metabolism and to burn more calories.


It is said that only two cups are needed each day to help you lose weight and to gain more energy.


It has been claimed that Cho Yung Tea is as good, if not better at weight loss than green tea.


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How does Cho Yung tea work?


Cho Yung Tea is full of compounds called catechin polyphenols that help to rid the body of excess triglycerides. Simply put drinking Cho Yung Tea helps you to burn fat.


Although Cho Yung Tea has been shown to help you burn fat, there is a new weight loss tea that is even more potent. Tava Tea is less expensive, but is actually a stronger fat burner and metabolism booster.


So is there a better weight loss tea?


Tava Tea is a blend of three different weight loss teas (Sencha, Wuyi Cliff Oolong and Puerh), while Cho Yung Tea is only made with one.


Only the best quality ingredients are used so you can be assured or Tava Tea’s quality.


Tava Tea is also made using whole uncrushed tealeaves, crushing the leaves like Cho Yung Tea reduces the effectiveness of the tea.


Users of Tava Tea can eliminate free radicals from their systems by as much as 50% after drinking the tea for only 15 days.


There is another bonus to using Tava Tea; if you are not satisfied with the tea for any reason then you can claim back your money with their full 180-day money back guarantee.


It is unclear if Cho Yung Tea offers any sort of guarantee.


If you are looking for a weight loss tea that also offers many health benefits then you should try Tava Tea.


Its unique blend of quality organic tea, along with its money back guarantee makes Tava Tea the only serious option available for you.


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