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Does Apidexin Work? 

With outrageous claims that you can lose upto 400% more weight, we delve further into Apidexin's ingredients and how they aid weight loss.


Apidexin's patent pending key ingredient is Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate, the alternative option to the recently banned Ephedra.





Does Apidexin Work? - Apidexin Review



What is Apidexin?


The media and advertising hype that often surrounds the latest fat loss pills can sometimes be considered to be a little bias and misleading to say the least.


Certain makers of slimming products can be guilty of promoting their weight loss "miracles" without customer interest at the forefront of their campaigns.


Many diet pills have no clinical backing at all, and rely rather on studies based on one or two of the ingredients, not on the whole product itself.


We feel Apidexin could be guilty of creating the wrong impression, by failing to draw comparison to a few of the proven products out there against its fat burning pill.


The Apidexin home web page claims you can lose up to 400% more weight. Although it does not suggest what this figure is based on, it could be - lose 400% more weight than eating a diet of chocolate buttons!


Obviously the headline can be considered pretty misleading and puzzling.



How does Apidexin work?


According to the website, Apidexin has been produced by a team of researchers and developers who were given the difficult task of making the worlds strongest fat burner.


As many as 8 separate unique and patent pending ingredients have been chosen to make up this fat burning formulation.


The full list of patent pending ingredients are:


  • Wakame Seaweed 10% Fucoxanthin - farmed from the Japanese sea and may elevate metabolism.


  • Forslean 95% Forskohliin - aimed at producing lean muscle tissue


  • Lipolide-SC - A chemical that could burn off excess fat 


  • Razberi-K - An ingredient that can assist the body in lowering fat stores.


  • Guggul EZ-100 - Ensures the thryroid functions at maximum efficiency.


  • Thermodiamine 98% evodiamine - Helps with oxidization in the body.


  • Bioperine - elevates the level of absorption


  • Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate - Elevates the metabolic rate, whilst boosting energy.


The magic ingredient?


The final exact ingredient is the most notable. Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate is the implied alternative for the now banned Ephedra.


Once upon a time, Ephedra was believed to the ultimate component in almost all of the most effective fat burners. But not so long back, and amid concerns for safety, Ephedra was withdrawn altogether from the fat loss industry.


This hole in the market, which the banning of Ephedra has created, has had numerous attempts at being plugged by many diet pill manufacturers, albeit without much success. Apidexin feel confident that they have the answer with Dicaffeine Malate, their flagship, patent pending ingredient.
However, it must be noted that Apidexin claims to aid in the reduction of weight, NOT fat loss. These are two entirely different things, as weight loss can also mean a loss of water.


Fat loss is a reduction in the size of fat molecules stored in the body. This may explain why some people have reported losing a lot of weight with this product, and we are slightly dubious as to whether in fact, this could just be fluid loss.


Apidexin side effects


There are no mention of any side effects on the website, however fat burners are well known to cause a rapid heartbeat, and also dizziness and nausea.


Is Apidexin a scam?

Apart from the many "testimonials" found on the website, we are yet to hear of anyone actually talking positively about this product, and the question of "does Apidexin work?" still remains unanswered.


We have heard reports of jittery type side effects and heart palpitations, which we presume is from the high caffeine content, and a common complaint with fat burners.


If you are considering purchasing Apidexin, our advice is to wait until genuine consumer reports begin to materialize. At the moment theres is a distinct lack of clinical backing or medical testing, as is often the case in this poorly regulated industry.


With so many unusual ingredients we suggest this one might be worth a miss, perhaps until more guinea pigs step forward!


Apidexin alternative


If you are looking for a clinically proven and safe fat binder, we can highly recommend The Telegraph's best way to diet 2009 - Proactol.


You read more about Proactol here - Proactol Review 


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