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Do slimming patches work?

Slimming patches seem to offer a quick and convenient way of losing weight but do slimming patches work?


We look at a few of the most popular slimming patches on the market, and examine their ingredients, how they work and more.





Slimming Patch Review


Do slimming patches work?


Slimming patches are becoming more and more popular. Just attach one to your body each day for a couple of weeks and watch the pounds fall off you. But do slimming patches work?


Most slimming patches contain the same basic ingredients, and each one claims to be able to suppress the appetite and burn fat, while also raising the metabolism.


The ingredients in the patches are transferred in a similar way to nicotine patches, with a key difference that they contain a larger dose of weight loss ingredients, with the aim to curb hunger pangs and boost metabolism.


The main issue with the patches is whether the ingredients actually help weight loss.


Slimming patch ingredients


Most slimming patches contain the same four main ingredients; Guarana, Chromium, Garcinia Cambogia and Fucus vesiculosus.


 Guarana is a nervous system stimulant. It has been shown to help increase energy.


 Chromium is useful for regulating insulin function and balancing blood sugar levels. It has also been shown to increase energy and burn off fat, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and promote weight loss.


 Garcinia Cambogia helps prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.


 Fucus vesiculosus helps to burn fat due to its high content of iodine.


All four ingredients have been shown to help weight loss; it is just a matter of finding a reputable slimming patch manufacturer.


These days most popular weight loss formulas are being made into patches, this is mainly due to there slow time released delivery; which means that the beneficial ingredients are constantly released.


An early pioneer of the slimming patch was the Pink Patch, but this has become discredited due to its banned adverts aimed towards younger women.


So what's the best slimming patch?


The latest slimming patch that helps with weight loss is the Slim Weight Patch. This product is made from natural ingredients that are proven to enhance weight loss.


The manufacturer of the Slim Weight Patch has claimed that their slimming patch is significantly better than traditional diet pills as the weight loss ingredients are delivered directly into the blood stream through trans-dermal technology.


Diet pills are taken orally and must pass through the stomach and the digestive system before it reaches the blood stream. Only then can it begin working towards weight loss. Some of the ingredients are lost in this process so fewer benefits are made from them.


It is claimed that slimming patches like the Slim Weight Patch overcome this obstacle as the weight loss ingredients are delivered straight through the skin into the blood.


Slimming patches like the Slim Weight Patch could be the best choice for those who want to lose weight quickly yet safely.


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