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Looking for dieting tips? This pages lists the 10 best dieting tips to boost your weight loss. Are you getting enough protein and fibre in your diet, or are you setting yourself unrealistic goals? Dieting tips seperate fact from fiction. Brought to you by natural-appetite-suppressant.co.uk 







10 Essential Dieting Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss!




Dieting tip 1 - Eat enough calories


Very low calorie diets slow down your metabolism, encouraging your body to hold onto what little food youíre giving it. This will make it harder to lose weight as well as upping your risk of gallstones and gout. Youíll feel hungry and deprived, give up on the diet and be more likely to binge later on.


Dieting tip 2 - Trim the fat from your diet


Weight for weight, fat has more calories (9 per gram) than protein or carbs (both 4 calories per gram), and itís less bulky, so itís easier to overeat. The key word is trim the fat, not cut. A small amount is vital for your body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, such as A and E. Try to get 25% to 30% of your calories from fat, mainly from vegetable sources such as olive, sunflower and peanut oil.


Dieting tip 3 - Get enough Protein


Protein fills you up faster and helps you stay full for longer than either fats or carbs. Some experts believe itís because proteins take longer to break down, while others claim that when proteins are digested they trigger the hormones that make you feel full. Aim to eat a little protein at each meal. Carbohydrate-only meals push up your insulin levels, which trigger your appetite. Adding protein to your meals will help balance bllod sugar levels and curb hunger pangs, and prevent fatigue. Aim to get between 15% to 20% of your total calories from protein. Opt for lean meats, fish, beans and low fat dairy products.


Dieting tip 4 - Believe you can lose weight


Studies continue to show that people who lose weight and keep it off believe that they can make it happen. To muster up that self-belief, spend a few quiet minutes everyday visualizing why you want to lose weight. For example, picture yourself in a summer frock, playing with your kids, or feeling fitter and healthier.


Dieting tip 5 - Allow the occasional treat


It seems a good idea to skip desserts, chocolate, cakes and all your favorite treats until you hit your ideal weight. But denying yourself certain foods will, in most cases, backfire, as it only leads to you feeling deprived. No foods are off limits just eat a little of what you fancy and leave it at that.


Dieting tip 6 -  Set yourself realistic goals


You may be hell-bent on dropping three dress sizes before your sisters wedding in September, but the healthiest way to get there is to focus on small, achievable short term goals, according to studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine. Research has found that obese men and women who set themselves a modest goal of losing just five to ten percent of their body weight are more likely to succeed than those who set more demanding goals. This is because long term goals can seem to distant to inspire you to make healthy choices dozens of times a day. Also, focusing on the large picture of, say, wanting to lose three stone can devalue the achievement of the 2lb youíve shifted this week. Your short term goals could be: to lose between 1lb to 2lb per week, to stick to your healthy eating plan, or to work out three times a week.


Dieting tip 7 - Eat more slowly


It takes about twenty minutes for your body to register that you feel full. By eating too quickly you may scoff far more than you need before you receive the signal to stop. Pace yourself by putting down your knife and fork between bites, and hold off loading up your fork until youíve finished your current mouthful. As you chew, savor the flavor and texture of your food.


Dieting tip 8 - Exercise regularly


The more exercise you do, the more calories you burn and the more fat you lose. Studies have found that when you exercise your brain releases the feel good hormone Serotonin, which suppresses appetite. For weight loss, exercise for twenty to thirty minutes three to five times a week, building in both aerobic and strength or weight training sessions. Doing both cardio and resistance work burns more fat than doing either type of exercise on its own. 


Dieting tip 9 - Eat more fibre


Fibre fills you up quickly so you donít over eat and takes longer to digest, so you stay full for longer. Get your fibre from wholegrains (brown rice, porridge oats, wholewheat pasta), root vegetables (such as potatoes), pulses and fruit. Up your intake slowly, and drink plenty of water to flush it out.


Dieting tip 10 - Drink up


If you donít drink enough water it can leave you dehydrated, tired and unable to think clearly. Its also easy to confuse thirst for hunger and eat something, when what you really need is a large glass of water. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.


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