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Diet Plans

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Diet Plans



Diabetic Diet Plan


Looking for a healthy diabetic diet plan? Tesco Diets have introduced 14 different diets featuring an excellent diabetic diet plan, suitable for anyone with type 1 or 2 diabetes. With expert advice and even your own diet advisor you can make sure you only eat the right foods and avoid highly processed sugars, high cholesterol food, fried food, fast food, and foods rich in saturated fat.




Low Carbohydrate Diet


One of the most followed diets in the world, the low carbohydrate diet almost eliminates bread, pasta, potatoes, pastry and refined sugars from your diet.


With a high success rate its popularity is hardly suprising. Read our pick of the low carbohydrate diet plans here.



Celebrity Diets


Find out how the A listers lose weight quickly for that special red carpet event. Being in the public eye 365 days a year can pile on the pressure to look good. Featuring diets taken by Katie Hill, Beyonce Knowles, Heidi Klum, Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey, we look at each celebrity diet individually to find out how and if they work.

Read more....celebrity diets




1200 Calorie Diet


One of the most searched for diet plans, the 1200 calorie diet focuses on a restricting your daily calorie intake to lose weight fast. We focus on a 5 day diet plan and include delicious recipes and snack ideas. The diet also lets you have an unlimited amount of tea, water, and green salad. Read more.... 1200 Calorie Diet




Lipotrim Maintenance Program


The Lipotrim Maintenance program consists of meal replacement products including shakes, soups and bars. The Lipotrim diet is designed to be used in occordance with your doctors instructions, and can only be obtained from a pharmacy with a valid prescription. Sounds good, but can this type of diet be maintained when you revert back to normal food? Read how Lipotrim works here - Lipotrim Diet




Dukan Diet Review



Cambridge Diet Reviews




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