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DEcarb tablets review

DEcarb is the latest celebrity endorsed diet product, which claims to block 66% of carbohydrates from your meals.


Find out how DEcarb works, its ingredients, side effect and more in the full DEcarb review below.





Decarb Tablets Review


DEcarb - what is it?


DEcarb is a 100% natural slimming pill which aims to reduce daily calorie intake by blocking 66% of carbohydrate in consumed meals.


DEcarb is the latest attempt by the Shape Smart brand to offer dieters a simple alternative to traditional diet plans. Other recently released products include Appesat - a natural appetite suppressant and Lipobind - a fat binder similar to Alli.


DEcarb has recently been featured in a number of UK newspapers and magazines owing to the revelation that Gail Porter lost a stone using the product. Gail claimed DEcarb helped her lose weight without cutting our her favourite high-carb food - pizza.



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How does DEcarb work?


DEcarb tablets contain white kidney bean extract which has been proven to help prevent a percentage of carbohydrate from being stored as fat in the body.


High levels of carbohydrates are commonly found in foods such as pasta, pizza, bread and potatoes.


Although carbs are essential for providing the body with energy, too many carbs can quickly lead to weight gain and a sluggish metabolism.


According to the manufacturer, just 1-2 tablets of DEcarb before a meal can help eliminate up to 66% of its carbohydrate content.


This can also result in a reduced calorie intake, and similar to fat binders such as Alli, can lead to weight loss without the need for changing your daily diet.


DEcarb side effects


DEcarb tablets contains only natural ingredients which are usually well tolerated. There are no known or perceived side effects with this product.


However, those who are pregnant or breast feeding should not use DEcarb.


Where to buy DEcarb


DEcarb is available to buy online from Evolution slimming for just 21.95. This is currently the cheapest we could find online and saves around 8 on RRP.


DEcarb review conclusion


Although recent celebrity endorsement may have brought carb blockers to the public eye, DEcarb has a long history of providing good results and appears to have a fair amount of positive feedback.


We are however a little dubious to the rather exact figure of 66% carbohydrate reduction, but we can confirm that key ingredients in DEcarb have been clinically proven to work.


If high carbohydrate foods such as bread, pizza or pasta are a weakness for you, then DEcarb will no doubt limit the damage, and bring your overall calorie intake down.


DEcarb promises to offer all the benefits of a low carb diet, without forgoing your favourite foods.


DEcarb is available to buy from Evolution Slimming at 8 off RRP


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