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Celebrity Diets  

There's no doubt that being in the public eye puts you under constant pressure to be thin.


This pressure means celebrities have to constantly watch what they eat, and this is why some A listers turn to different celeb diets, in the hope they can lose weight fast.


Find out the celebrity diet secrets here.





Celebrity diets - What are the best celebrity diets?



Everyone knows celebrities are under extreme pressure to look skinny and beautiful. "A list" celebs are closely watched with the latest fashions, and their diet regimens are scrutinised by the public and media.


They often resort to ever more bizarre and outrageous ways to lose weight, and often put their health on the line to look the best they can.


Find out what our pick of the celebs have been doing to drop those excess pounds:


Celebrity Diets

Katy Hill Diet - Lipobind weight loss tablets


This former Blue Peter presenter moved to LA and found the pressure to look good is all around you in this fashionable part of the world.


Katy had gained a lot of weight since her pregnancy and vowed to shed the pounds when her baby was born.


As Katy has chosen to eat only natural and organic food, she needed a diet supplement that would enable her to lose the weight, and which contained only healthy ingredients.



See Katy Hill talking about Lipobind -





Celebrity Diets

The Beyonce Diet - Master Cleanse Diet, also known as the lemonade diet or maple syrup diet

Beyonce Knowles tried the Master Cleanse Diet to quickly lose around 20lbs, as she wanted to lose the weight for the film Dreamgirls. Beyonce talked about her extreme diet on The Oprah Winfrey Show, alongside the other members of the Dreamgirls cast.


In the film, Beyonce takes the role of Deena Jones, a slim backup singer based on Diana Ross. Because the character ages throughout the film, Beyonce explained to Oprah that she used the Master Cleanse Diet - basically a liquid detox - to allow her to shed weight as quickly as possible.


"Usually they would switch your make-up or your outfit but all the same I wanted to go further," Beyonce is cited as telling China Daily. "In the 60's, models like Twiggy were major role models and I knew Deena would have been fashionably slim, so although I genuinely love eating, it was essential to lose the pounds very quickly because we filmed Deena at 16 and Deena at 36 years old, just 2 weeks apart."


Here at Natural-Appetite-Suppressant we had never heard of the master cleanse diet, so we decided to do a little research of our own.


The "Master Cleanse Diet" is a liquid celebrity detox diet, that claims to flush toxins from the body, as well as reportedly promoting new tissue development. Also acknowledged as the "Lemonade Diet" the "Lemonade Detox Diet," or the "Celebrity lemonade diet," the liquid detox diet was fast made popular by a diet book called The Master Cleanse, by the author Stanley Burroughs.celebrity-diets-img4


Beyonce stated that she additionally consumed some vegetables throughout the two weeks she was on the liquid diet, the Master Cleanse consists of "a mixture of lime or lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed with water," that is drunk six - twelve times per day, and no other food is eaten."


"I was extremely moody," Beyonce told Oprah about her emotional state while on the Master Cleanse diet. "People were eating chocolate and snacks all around me."


The character Beyonce had to play began at the tender age of 16, with the movie tracking her journey to stardom spanning 20 years. Because of this Beyonce said she needed a fast but genuine physical change.


"My nutritionist proposed the only way I could do in such a short time would be by consuming a liquid diet" Beyonce is reported as saying. "Once the diet had ended, I gained the weight straight back,"


Beyonce also added that she was very pleased to return to her normal eating habits after the Master Cleanse diet was over.


Celebrity Diets

Jessica Simpson Diet


Jessica Simpson exercised for over 2 hours a day, for six straight days with just one day of rest per week, for her Daisy Duke role in the Dukes of Hazzard film.


This demanding regimen is not suitable for most people as it often leads to injuries due to repetitive strain, an abundance of recovery time for the nervous system to recover, and the depletion of vital nutrient stores.


Not a celebrity diet we would recommend!





Celebrity Diets

Heidi Klum Diet


Heidi Klum achieved her pre-pregnancy body with ninety minute exercise routines and whey protein meal replacement drinks.


Protein shakes can a put a lot of stress on the liver and for the body to digest. Intestinal issues such as bacterial overgrowth are pretty standard and the extra load on the kidneys could lead to serious problems.


Protein shakes are ok in moderation, but should used alongside a healthy diet, and not as a meal replacement.


Celebrity Diets

Mariah Carey Diet


celebrity-diets-img7According to Mariah Carey, she embarked on a "regime" of water aerobics. The word regime is of slight worry as it does not indicate a balanced attitude to a healthy life-style.


She also limited her daily diet to swordfish, baked clams, rice, vegetable soup, and berries.


This isn't the poorest diet that a celebrity has tried and there are numerous fad diets much worse than this, nevertheless Mariah's diet is not well balanced and varied enough to form a true healthy lifestyle.



Celebrity Diets Conlcusion


So, that concludes our round-up of our pick of the celeb diets! Most of the diets show a severe or extreme restriction of foods in order to lose weight incredibly fast, of course everybody knows this is not healthy, but they are watched over by a nutritionist and personal trainers.


In the real world however, most of these diets will be unsuitable and some even dangerous without the advice of a doctor.


We believe Katy Hill has the correct attitude and has lost the weight fairly quickly by just watching what she eats, and supplementing with a fat binder. Fat binders are still a fairly recent breakthrough, and enable you to still enjoy the things you like without restricting your diet and therefore nutrient intake.


We looked at both Alli and Proactol the two major fat binders in the UK and reported our results here - Alli vs Proactol.  These two products both help you achieve weight loss by cutting a percentage of fat from your daily meals.


Fat binders are fantastic for people who still want to have the occassional treat or fat laden meal without feeling guilty.


Controlling food cravings and abstaining from snacking can be a hard task when you're on a diet and you're trying to lose weight. If you often find yourself hungry (even after eating meals) then you may benefit from an appetite suppressant. Our number one pick of the various appetite suppressants out there has to be Unique Hoodia.


Fat binders and appetite suppressant can also be used together to give you an extra fat loss boost.


We are dedicated to reviewing the best natural appetite suppressants available and also provide you with diet plans, exercises, dieting tips, how to lose belly fat and much more! 



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