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Capsiplex Ingredients

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Capsiplex Ingredients


How Does Capsiplex work?


Some like it hot – especially when it comes to spicy foods like those found in Mexican, Thai, Indian, and Szechuan cuisine.


But who could have imagined that the hot red pepper that brings tears to your eyes can also help shed pounds from your thighs?


How hot is hot pepper?


Chili peppers are the fruit of plants in the capsicum family. Capsaicin is the chemical that causes the notorious burning sensation for which chilies are infamous. The amount of spicy heat varies wildly from one pepper to another and is measured in SHU or Scoville Heat Units.


Some types of capsicum produce fruit with no capsaicin - bell peppers have a zero SHU rating. Jalapenos rate about 5,000 SHU. Some chilis have so much capsaicin that they can only be used sparingly as spices: cayenne (50,000 SHU); habanero (350,000 SHU); and red savina (500,000 SHU).


The world’s hottest chili is a hybrid developed in Bangladesh called the Naga Jolokia, rated on the Scoville scale at nearly one million SHU.


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Hot pepper’s history


Indigenous people in South and Central America have used chili peppers for medicinal purposes for centuries.


Although the plants were not introduced to Europe until Christopher Columbus brought them back from America, they spread quickly throughout the world.


The Chinese adopted capsicum with such zeal that some species were mistakenly thought to have originated in China, and were mislabeled Capsicum chinense by an 18th century botanist.


Since its dispersal around the globe, capsaicin has been recognized as a plant with multiple medical applications, including its ability to stop platelets from clumping, reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and embolism.


Overweight? Hot pepper to the rescue


Scientific studies have shown that capsaicin can suppress appetite, increase resting energy expenditure, and even prevent fat tissue formation.


Hot red pepper’s fat-fighting properties may wind up being its most important service to humanity.Obesity is the number one health problem in the United States today, affecting an estimated 30% of the population.


The epidemic does not stop at U.S. borders, however -it’s a global problem. The World Health Organization reports that as many as 300 million people are obese worldwide.


The problem is believed to have its roots in societal changes – humans have become more sedentary even as they have less access to affordable, nourishing food. The ramifications are not merely cosmetic.


Obese individuals are at greater risk for serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obstructive sleep apnea, gallstones, and some forms of cancer. Obesity is a major cause of premature death.


Since capsaicin attacks obesity on several fronts, the solution seems easy enough: eat lots of hot red peppers. The problem is that even taken as a pill, capsaicin can irritate the stomach. After all, the reason capsicum plants produce capsaicin is to keep mammals from eating the fruit. And yet, the higher the pepper is on the Scoville scale, the more health benefits it confers.


Capsiplex ingredients: concentrated capsaicin in a slimming pill


Until the advent of Capsiplex, no one could figure out how to consume large quantities of capsaicin without suffering gastric distress.


Capsiplex uses patented technology to create a capsule that stays intact in the acidic environment of the stomach, only dissolving when it reaches the upper intestine where the heat can’t be felt. At that point, the body can make full use of high levels of capsaicin.


Capsiplex - clinically proven to reduce appetite


Two studies were conducted in Canada in 1999 with the goal of investigating capsaicin’s effect on appetite.


The first study showed that adding 10 grams of red pepper to the test subjects’ breakfast resulted in decreased hunger and less food consumed at lunch, even though the participants were told to eat until they felt full.


The second study tested 10 Caucasian male subjects, who were given a regular breakfast. Just before lunch, they were given an appetizer that contained 6 grams of red pepper.


Not only did they eat fewer calories during the rest of the lunch as compared to the control subjects who received an appetizer containing no red pepper, but they also had less appetite for the snack that was served several hours later.


A 2005 study conducted in the Netherlands reached similar conclusions. Twelve men and twelve women were given tomato juice 30 minutes before each meal. The subjects received juice spiked with either 0.9 grams of capsaicin or a placebo.


The capsaicin group ate fewer calories – 14% less for the men, and 16% less for the women. They also reported higher levels of satiety (feelings of fullness.)


Capsaicin plus caffeine – the dynamic duo in Capsiplex


The effectiveness of Capsiplex at reducing appetite is not only because of its concentrated form of capsaicin, but also because of the synergistic effects of its other main component.


Capsiplex slimming pills contains 200 mg of caffeine – the equivalent of two cups of coffee. Studies have shown that these two ingredients working together can suppress appetite more effectively than when they are taken on their own.


Capsiplex slimming pills and thermogenesis


Capsaicin is not only hot to the taste buds. It’s a thermogenic food, meaning that it produces heat inside the body. Most dieters experience a weight loss plateau because as they lose weight, their metabolism decreases.


At least four studies in humans have shown that capsaicin causes thermogenesis that increases resting metabolism, allowing dieters to expend more calories even while at rest.


Capsiplex ingredients burn calories equal to a 20-minute jog


A study conducted by Oklahoma University confirmed that capsaicin boosts resting metabolism. The researcher, Joel Cramer, tested 28 women and men between the ages of 18 and 25. Resting metabolism was first tested after 30 minutes of rest.


Subjects were given Capsiplex, rested for an additional hour, and their resting metabolism was tested again. Then they exercised on a treadmill at a rate of 3 mph for one hour. After that, they rested for an hour before having their resting metabolism tested once more. 


They experienced up to an 8% increase in their resting energy expenditure, as compared to a control test where the same test subjects were tested in the same way, but without consuming Capsiplex.  An 8% increase is the equivalent of the energy expended during a 20-minute jog. That’s about 278 calories, the amount found in 2 chocolate chip cookies.


How does Capsiplex Compare?


Product Suppresses Appetite Energy Booster Metabolism Booster Natural Ingredients Blocks Carbohydrates Blocks Fat Clinically Proven























Capsiplex inhibits fat tissue formation


In addition to reducing the amount of food you eat and increasing your activity levels, the war against obesity can be waged at the cellular level. Fatter people have more fat cells, called adipocytes.


Immature fat cells (pre-adipocytes) mature through a process called adipogenesis. Taiwanese food scientists discovered through laboratory research completed in 2006 that capsaicin prevents pre-adipocytes from becoming full-fledged fat cells. The amount of hot red pepper that achieved these effects was just slightly more than that found in a typical Thai or Indian diet.


Capsiplex review conclusion


The weight loss properties of capsaicin have been proven in over 50 peer-reviewed studies conducted on both animals and humans.


In addition to the clinical evidence, there are anecdotal reports of real life Capsiplex users. They report greater weight loss than they could have achieved by merely dieting.


Capsiplex slimming pills originated in England, where demand is huge. Less than two weeks after it was introduced in June of 2009, it was sold out at all major retailers.


It is gaining popularity in the United States, and may soon surpass demand for Medifast coupons codes and Nutrisystem coupons codes, which are two effective meal replacement diets.


Capsiplex is well on its way to becoming established as a non-addictive, effective, natural weight loss supplement that promotes optimum health.


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