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Cambridge Weight Plan

We take a look at the Cambridge weight plan, a low fat meal replacement program.


The products consist of shakes, soups and bars, designed to lower your calorie intake to as little as 415 calories. Can the body survive on such few calories? Read our review below...





Cambridge Weight Plan


What is the Cambridge Weight Plan?


The Cambridge Weight Plan is a diet plan which focuses on dropping regular meals in favour of meal replacement products sold by the Cambridge Diet company.


There are 6 parts to the plan which offers various extremes of calorie suppression, these limit calorie intake from 1500 kcals per day right down to just 415 kcals per day.


The liquid shakes and supplements are all produced by the Cambridge Manufacturing Company Ltd, and distributed through its network of “counsellors”. These trained sales staff initiate the diet by coming to your home and showing you the available products. Think of it as the Avon of the diet world!


Is the Cambridge Weight Plan safe?


The Cambridge Weight Plan is actually a low calorie diet which focuses on limiting calorie intake along with following their diet plan.


In our opinion, diet plans which extremely limit your calorie intake can often lead to a number of temporary negative side effects, including but not limited to;


 Loss of muscle mass (important for burning fat)
 Slowing down of metabolism - as the body holds on to vital fat reserves.
 Loss of hair and brittle nails
 Nausea and mood swings


Do very low calorie diet plans work?


Some doctors, medical experts and nutritionists sometimes advise against very low calorie diets as they are only effective for a short period of time, and often any weight lost is a combination of muscle mass, water and fatty tissue. 


Low calorie diets often have a detrimental effect on fat loss and can cause the body to preserve its fat reserves, burning muscle tissue first and causing the metabolism to go into freefall.


What works? - Obviously the only way to lose fat is to lower your calorie intake, but it should be done in such a way that prevents your body from going in to starvation mode.


Our Cambridge Weight Plan Rating 


Can you recommend a diet plan that works?


One of the best places to start, and certainly the most recommended, would be Tesco Diets.


Tesco Diets is one of the only places to offer diet & exercise plans tailored to the individual and not just a "one size fits all" program. When you join, you receive a personalised weekly meal plan which has been put together to suit your favorite foods, activity levels, BMI, and goal weight.


Regardless of which supermarket you shop at, you are given a shopping list for the meals featured in your diet plan. This is then available to print off or copy from, so you pick the right ingredients for your diet plan.


However, we found the best feature of the Tesco Diet plan is that you are also appointed a "dieting mentor" who is available to offer support and discuss your diet with whenever you need to. These mentors are genuine dieters who have had success with their Tesco diet plan and can help you along the way, you can also chat with qualified nutritionists if you reach a diet plateau and need help giving your diet a jump start.


As with other "offline" diet clubs there is also a weekly weigh in, which will help monitor your progress and visualise your goal.


Visit the Tesco Diets website


Online Community

There is a fantastic online community which can be found on the Tesco Diet Forums. These message boards allow dieters to chat about what has worked for them, share recipes, ideas and success stories.


The Diet Plans Available

There are no less than fourteen personalised diet plans, including the Mediterranean diet, Diabetes plan, Atkins, low carb diet, low fat, and Cholesterol-Lowering plans.


Tesco Diets

 Focuses on real foods and not meal replacements.

 24/7 support whenever you need it.

 Fantastic range of exciting diet plans, approved by leading medical experts, doctors and nutritionists.

 Massive online community.

 Amazing value for money from only £1.50 a week





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