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If your looking to buy cheap Proactol in the UK, or you need to know how much Proactol costs, then you can find the best deals, discounts and voucher codes right here!



From only 18.94 per month when you buy the eight box package. 





Proactol - Best Discounts and E Vouchers



You can buy Proactol in the UK and from abroad/overseas, direct from the official Proactol website.


Proactol still proves itself as the number one natural fat binder and best selling appetite suppressant. 


Not only is Proactol an effective appetite suppressant -helping you to avoid snacking through out the day, but more importantly Proactol is also a fat binder that can zap up to 28% of fat out of the food that you eat!


If you need more information on Proactol and how it works, you might want to take a look at our Proactol Review. Make sure you come back though to get your 15% off Proactol e-voucher!


So how much does Proactol cost I hear you ask? Well Proactol has some really great Internet discounts based on the amount you buy. These offers are not available in the shops and are only available online. Proactol only sell direct to you and offer you the purchasing power of bulk ordering.


How to save money on your Proactol order -


1. Click the following discount link to open up the official Proactol website



Click here to get started 


This will load the official Proactol website


2. When the Proactol page loads up you will see the Reference 147713 displayed at the top of the official website, if it does not show this code click here and check again.





3. Click on the "Order Online Now" button on the left hand side of the official Proactol site and select your package from the available options.



4. After selecting your package and scrolling down to the bottom of the page will will be able to select your shipping method.


5. Once you have chosen your shipping method and clicked "proceed with your order" you will be prompted to enter your customer and payment details.


6. Next, you will need to enter your discount code in the order summary. See the picture below to see where to enter this if you are unsure.





7. Use one of the discount codes below depending on the package you have ordered, the full 15% discount is only available on orders of 3 boxes and above.





Voucher Code

Discount Amount


1 Box







2 Boxes  







3 Boxes







4 Boxes







5 Boxes







6 Boxes







8 Boxes







8. If the code has been successful you should receive a message confirming the discount has been applied.


What to do if you need help?


If you have any problems getting your discount code to work correctly, or if you prefer to order by phone, simply contact Proactol using the appropriate number below. Remember to quote 147713 and CEBPR1 to receive your 15% dicount on packages of three months and above.


phone orders


How do I know these are the best Proactol discount codes?


Proactol have given our website an exclusive 15% discount which is the highest they currently allow on the checkout page. Most other websites will only be able to offer just 10% off.


Proactol Proven Fat Binder 


Bind Up To 27.4% Of Your Dietary

  Fat Intake
Reduce Your Excess Body Weight

Suppress Your Appetite

Lower Your Cholesterol

Decrease Your Food Cravings

Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle

Maintain Long Term Weight Loss

Natural Appetite Suppressant         



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