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Lipofuze has a pretty impressive weight loss claim - it says it can help you lose ten pounds in as little as one week!


Sounds good, but find out how Lipofuze works to aid weight loss, and its potential side effects here.






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Dispelling the Lipofuze myths


Is it really possible that Lipofuze can help you lose 10lbs in just one week?


It wouldn't be the first time that we have seen diet pill manufacturers make such claims. In fact we are seeing an increasing amount of products that state massive weight loss in as little as 7 days. Just have a read of our One Week Diet System review for a prime example.


Losing this amount of weight has three problems:


1. It is not normally possible to lose 10 pounds in one week without liposuction or losing a body part.


2. If you could lose 10 pounds in one week it would mostly likely be fluid loss and not fat loss. This could also be dangerous. The recommended and healthy amount of weight loss is no more than 2-4 pounds per week.


3. Losing 10 pounds in one week would cause excess loose skin.


So what is Lipofuze, and how does Lipofuze work?


Lipofuze is fat burner which claims to boost metabolism and speed up the rate at which fat is used by the body. However fat burners are becoming increasingly nototious lately with a string of popular brands being taken of the shelves by the US FDA (Food and Drugs Administration).


One notable product has been Hydroxycut, which has beenbuy-lipofuze-img1 linked to a death of a teenage boy and countless reports of serious side effects. Read our Hydroxycut banned for the full story.


Lipofuze Side effects


No Lipofuze side effects are mentioned on the official website itself, however after a brief search online, some users have reported rapid heartbeat, profuse sweating, nausea, insomnia, and headaches.


These are all side effects which are pretty common complaints from individuals using fat burners.


Is Lipofuze a scam?


The claims of 10lbs of fat loss in 7 days is no doubt misleading and dubious to say the least.

Fat burners do have their place in the weight loss world, and are often the #1 choice for proffesional body builders who want to drop the last bit of water weight before competition.


However in our experience, most dieters will get little benefit from a fat burner, other than sweating, poor sleep and occasional headaches. All something which half a jar of Nescafe could achieve, and it won't cost $50!


Fat burners are known to put extra strain on the heart and other vital organs, and normally contain stimulants which act to artifically boost metabolism.


Lipofuze alternatives


Product Suppresses Appetite Energy Booster Metabolism Booster Natural Ingredients Blocks Carbohydrates Blocks Fat Clinically Proven























Once the only type of diet pill available, fat burners are now being dropped in place of fat binders - which work to remove a percentage of fat from your diet, and appetite suppressants - which curb food cravings, helping you to manage your diet without temptation.


Both fat binders and appetite suppressants promote healthy weight loss of around 2-4 pounds a week when used in conjuction with a calorie controlled diet.


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