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Boots Diet Pills

We take a look at Boots own brand diet pill - Diet Aid. 


With its cheap price tag and lack of clinical backing, we see how Boots Diet Aid compares to the more established market leader - Zotrim.


See how the Boots diet pill scores below.






Boots Diet Aid - Boots Diet Aid Review



A cheap contender to Zotrim?


While boots stock an extensive range of mainstream diet pills such as Alli, Appesat and Lipobind, they have also added their own herbal brand to the list - Boots Diet Aid.


As part of the Boots Alternatives range, Diet Aid is focused at the introductory end of the diet pill market.


Costing only 3.79 and featuring ingredients found in Adios and Adios Max, is this latest offering from the pharmacy giant enough to take away sales from the established herbal king - Capiplex.


We decided it was time to take a look at how these diet pills compare.




Boots Diet Aid Review

Capsiplex Review



How it works

Very little information available on the Boots website.


Contains Dandelion extract, which acts as a mild diuretic. This basically flushes water from your body so you have to visit the toilet more often.


You may experience a tiny amount of fluid weight loss but no actual fat loss. This effect is temporary.


Boldo extract acts as a type of laxative and offers similar short-term weight-loss implications.


Contains capsicum extract which is clinically proven to boost the metabolism and promote weight loss.


Capsicum is naturally found in red hot chilli peppers and can raise the metabolic rate by up to 12x. Capsiplex can burn as many calories as a 25 minute jog (avg 274 cals).


Capsiplex can be taken by those who are normally sensitive to spicy food, as the capsules are Ph balanced and digest slowly over time.

Active Ingredients

Dandelion root, kelp and boldo.

Capsicum, black pepper, niacin, and a small amount of caffeine.
Proof of Effictiveness

- Neither the product or ingredients have any clinical backing.


Both the formula and ingredients have been clinically proven to assist weight loss.
Average reported monthly weight loss

- Testimonials are very thin on the ground.


2-4lbs per week in clinical trials.

Pills Per Pack




Side Effects


None Reported

None - 100% safe


3 pills per day after meals


1 tablet per day before breakfast


No Guarantee


30 day money back

Price Per Month

Available from Boots for 3.79


- 29.99


Media Coverage




- Reviewed and approved in the Daily Mail, Daily Express, and Daily Star.


Visit Boots Online


Read our Capsiplex Review


Boots Diet Pill Conlusion


When comparing these two diet pills side by side its easy to see which one is clearly ahead.


Capsiplex, although more expensive, is clinically proven to help you lose weight and also has the benefit of a money back guarantee.


We feel Boots have attempted to fill a niche and based their product on price rather than quality ingredients.


Can Boots Diet Aid work?


Diet Aid may cause you to lose a little bit of weight, but as the main ingredient works as a diuretic, this will be fluid or "water weight" and not fat loss. Once the use of Diet Aid has been stopped, this weight will return.


Other diet pills worth considering...


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Our Top Recommendation


Capsiplex is great alternative due to clinically proven effectiveness and 100% safe ingredients.


Capsiplex sold over 50,000 units within 3 days of release during June 2010.


The Daily Mail called Capsiplex the "NHS miracle fat pill" while the Daily Express wrote that Capsiplex can "help you slim at your desk".


Read our Capsiplex Review


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