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Best Weight Loss Pill 

The sheer amount of weight loss pills for women is overwhelming. We narrow it down to the top  natural weight loss pills, Proactol, Hoodia and Zotrim, and find out which is overall winner based on performance, number of clinical trials and user feedback. 


Which one is the best weight loss pill? Find out below.





Which is the best pill for weight loss?



At present there are estimated to be over 500 different weight loss pills in the UK alone, all of which boldly claim they can help you lose weight.


Approximately 90% of weight loss pills available have no scientific backing at all, with the supplement industry mainly relying on over-hyped advertising campaigns or celebrity endorsement.


The actual truth is that only a very small selection of weight loss pills offer any guarantee of success. In this feature we have selected 3 of the UK's best weight loss pills, according to their individual success in clinical trials, positive user feedback, and proven ingredients.


The following top weight loss pills are in order of effectiveness with the highest rated first.


Best Weight loss Pill


Proactol    5/5


Proactol has been chosen as our best weight loss pill due to its dual action approach. Primarily a fat binder, it also works to reduce appetite and cut down snacking, and can eliminate around 28% of fat from regular meals.


This can add up to a serious daily calorie saving, with average reported weight loss at around 2-4lbs per week.


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What we like about Proactol


Unlike many other weight loss pills on the market, Proactol is actually clinically proven to help you lose weight. Many products contain ingredients which may have been the subject of some weight loss study or report, but Proactol has actually been approved by the medical device directive, and as such can be recommended for use by doctors.


Proactol also has a rather generous 6 month money back guarantee, if you are not entirely satisfied with the results.


What we don't like about Proactol


Currently Proactol is only available online from the official Proactol website. Although major pharmacies have taken an interest, with a reported supermarket deal in the pipeline, it may be a while before we see Proactol at stores such as Boots or Sainsburys.


Our only other criticism is the price, which we feel is little on the steep side. However, we believe that this may be due to the exotic and quite rare Prickly Pear extract ingredient.


UPDATE - Proactol have released a September E-Voucher to be used at the checkout page of their website. "GETABS" will entitle you to an extra 15% off orders of three months and above. 


Proactol conclusion


Proactol contains 100% natural ingredients and features a solid guarantee. Available without prescription, and safe for long term use, Proactol is a wise choice for those looking for a safe and proven weight loss pill.


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