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Best Appetite Suppressant

We take a look at the UK's best selling appetite suppressant (as voted by the public), and how it works to keep your appetite under control.


Find out exactly how appetite suppressants work, and how they can stop you from over-eating.






What is the Best Appetite Suppressant?



Limiting the amount of calories you eat in a day is obviously the key to losing weight quickly.


Appetite suppressants are often recommended as the best type of diet pill over fat binders or fat burners. 


The reason is simple, it targets the root cause of why we gain weight in the first place - over-eating.


We all snack when we know we shouldn't, but many people find it hard to satisfy their hunger. Not surprisingly snacking can add around 1000 calories a day on top of your daily meals.


One way to combat over-eating is by using a good appetite suppressant, this can be natural plant extract based diet pill or one which has been prescribed by your Doctor.


How do appetite suppressants work?


There are typically two kinds of appetite suppressants - those which work on the hypothalamus part of the brain (GP prescription only) and those which slow down the rate of digestion.


The hypothalamus gland is thought to be responsible for regulating appetite and can be tricked into producing certain chemicals (typically serotonin) which tell your brain you are full.


However, appetite suppressants which work this way often have the potential to cause a number of unwanted side effects, such as mood swings, deppression and headaches.


Drug based appetite suppressants are only available via prescription from your GP, and then only in rare circumstances when other dieting options have failed. 


The general advice is to opt for natural alternatives which help slow down the rate of digestion and leave you fuller for longer. This greatly reduces cravings and helps eliminate snacking between meals and overeating.


Best appetite suppressant according to UK online sales


Proactol is one of the only medically backed and doctor endorsed over-the-counter appetite suppressants in the UK.


Proactol contains natural cactus plant extracts which are clinically proven to help suppress appetite and lower daily calorie intake, without causing any negative side effects.


Unlike other appetite suppressants, Proactol also works as a natural fat binder, cutting around 28% of dietary fats and lowering harmful cholesterol.


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