Are HCG drops a scam? | Are HCG Drops banned?










Are HCG drops a scam?

HCG diet drops are classed as a homoeopathic remedy designed to help with weight loss, but are HCG drops a scam?


With the latest ban in the UK stating HCG drops are 'unapporved and illegal' we look at other safe HCG alternatives.






Are HCG drops a scam?


Are HCG drops safe?


The story of HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadaotropin and it's use as a weight loss aid goes back to the early 1950's, where it was first discovered by a British doctor - Dr. Simeons.


Dr Simeons theory was that when combined with a 500 calorie diet, this natural hormone could help "unlock" stubborn fat cells and burn them as fuel for the body.


This led to the development of synthesised HCG, which was manufactured in labs and offered as an injection to overweight patients in clinics.


However only a few years later, randomised double blind studies confirmed that test subjects showed no better weight loss results than those who used a placebo sugar pill. It was also determined that any weight loss was solely the result of the extremely restrictive 500 calorie diet, and not the HCG.



 *** Attention ***


HCG drops are banned for sale in the UK. Be cautious of any online retailers offering HCG drops as they could be fraudulent or fake.


LDD liquid diet drops are the only legal version which are approved for sale in the UK, these are both 100% natural and safe and free from side effects.




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What are HCG drops?


All HCG drops currently available are sold as "homoeopathic" supplements.
These are highly diluted drugs which contain minuscule or zero amounts of the original substance.


It is estimated that most homoeopathic solutions are diluted to such an extent, that only one part in one trillion of the original substance can be detected. This has led to the scientific community claiming homoeopathy is nothing short of quackery, with not one clinical study proving any effectiveness.


Are HCG drops banned?


Elizabeth Miller, an FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) team leader has recently been quoted as saying "HCG drops are unapproved drugs and are illegal".


The European Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have now prohibited any sale of any HCG products in the UK.


HCG drops alternatives?


There are now a number of clinically proven products which claim to decrease the body's ability at storing fat, while also boosting the metabolism.


One of the most popular products so far this year is Phen375 - a Californian made fat burner and appetite suppressant produced in FDA approved laboratories.


Phen375 is one of the first over-the-counter supplements which contains beneficial ingredients which encourge the release of "youth hormones".


The claim is that these can work to lower the amount of body fat which the body can hold, giving a more youthful shape in only a matter of weeks. 


Phen375 features pharmacy quality ingredients which are proven to help you lose weight without side effects.


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