Alli side effects | What are Alli's side effects?










Alli Side Effects



When you think of Alli,

unfortunately you also think of the "Alli oops", the nickname for the embarrassing side effects caused by taking this weight loss tablet.


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Alli side effects | What are Alli's side effects?



The Alli Success Storyalli-side-effects-img2


Since its UK debut in April this year, Alli has been in the headlines as one of the most popular and fastest selling diet pills ever.


No other diet pill has been featured in the media quite as much, and has easily consolidated its place as the top selling diet pill in the UK.


However, now the media frenzy surrounding the pill has subsided, the actual user reports are trickling in, and they are not all as good as the hype would let you believe.


Alli Side effects


As Alli has already been available in the states for some time, reports were already circulating of embarrassing side effects known by many dieters as the "Alli oops". This is the phrase given to the occurrence of oily fat which can leak from the bottom at rather inconvenient times.


alli-side-effects-img1This is because around 30% of the daily fat consumed is "blocked" from digestion by the Alli active ingredient - Orlistat.


This liquid fat makes its way through the bowels until eventually it exits, often and quite embarrassingly when you are within yards of a toilet.


More Serious Alli Side Effects


Most people know about the "Alli oops" and is something which is taken into consideration before buying Alli.


However much more worryingly, the Daily Mail have reported that Orlistat is currently under investigation by the FDA (American Food and Drugs Administration) after 24 deaths have resulted after the use of the prescription only drug Xenical.


Xenical (which also contains Orlistat) has also been thought responsible for 100's of cases of liver damage and other serious illnesses.


You can read the full story here - Alli Liver Damage.


Is this the end for Alli?


This certainly isnít good news for Alli, but the FDA are yet to decide if any action will be taken, in the meantime Alli will still fly off the shelves although sales will no doubt be hit.


Is there a safe Alli Alternative?


Fat binders are still a relatively new industry; however there is one British company which claims their product can cut out the same amount of fat as Alli, but is 100% natural and side effect free.


Featured in The Telegraph, The Daily Express, and the New York Times, Proactol is starting to gain pace as one of the most popular and safest diet pills available.


Read more about Proactol here - Alli Alternative.








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