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Alli Liver Damage 

The FDA has been informed of a number of side effects, including liver trouble, from people taking Alli.


Alli's main ingredient Orlistat, which is also found in the stronger prescription only drug Xenical, seems to be the root of the problem.






Alli Liver Damage



Is Alli linked to liver damage?


Alli has triggered massive sales since release earlier this year but it is now under investigation over fears its use could be linked to liver damage.


Alli, which works as a fat blocker, prevents around a third of fat from being absorbed by the body. Alli was originally thought to be the Number 1 slimming pill of its kind obtainable without prescription. It can be purchased from for around 24.


However it has been announced that the US food watchdog, the FDA (Food and drug administration), is looking into a series of reports from dieters who developed illnesses whilst taking Orlistat, which is the main ingredient found in Alli.


Reported Alli side effects


The FDA is not the only governing body looking into the potentially dangerous side effects of Alli. The UK food and drugs regulator, the MHRA, is also investigating 31 reports of side effects which are linked to Orlistat since the release of Alli back in April.


However the MHRA have not made clear whether the reports were from patients taking Alli or the stronger, and prescription only version Xenical - which also contains Orlistat.


Since Xenical was launched back in 2001, a total of twenty four patients taking it have died from a variety of complications.


They include liver failure, lung clots, organ failure and heart attacks. Additionally, there were 5 cases ofsudden death where the reason was unclear.


All in all, the MHRA has had over a thousand reports from dieters, who have experienced potential side effects from Xenical; many of these are heart related with nearly 100 reported liver problems.


So far Alli has been a major success story, over 1million pounds worth of tablets were sold to eager dieters on the first day of its release, earlier this year.


Alli should only be taken by individuals that have a BMI of over 28, nevertheless there have been reports that pharmacists have been ignoring the rules and providing it to women who already have a low Body Mass Index.



Will a ban be issued?


The US Food and Drugs Administration have the power to halt the sale of drugs and could additionally make Alli a prescription only medicine. The FDA has been forced to do this numerous times, with the most recent being a ban on hydroxycut. More details of this particular ban can be found here - Hydroxycut banned.


However, just because the United States FDA imposes a ban, it does not automatically mean it will happen in the UK. The EU Medicines Agency, which licenses Orlistat, will however work closely with US.


The FDA have confirmed that they are closely monitoring Alli and us yet to decide on any regulatory action, if any will be taken at all.


GlaxosmithKline, the makers of Alli, have stated that the safety of consumers was of the highest importance. They also said that had given information surrounding any side effects to the government drug bodies.


So what's the safe Alli alternative?


At the moment it appears that the future of Alli is hanging in the balance, and until reports have been concluded, many will be put off from buying it.


Our advice is to use a natural and chemical free fat binder such as Proactol, which only contains cactus plant sterols and does not contain Orlistat.


Proactol works in a similar way to Alli, but instead of blocking fat, it actually binds consumed fat molecules together, making them too large to be absorbed by the body. These large molecules then pass out as solid, not liquid waste.


Alli has already been heavily criticised for giving users the "Alli oops" - an embarrassing side effect caused by the blocking of fat. Alli oops is the description given to undigested liquid fat which can exit the bowels at pretty much any time.


Proactol is 100% natural, clinically proven to work and most importantly side effect free.


Read more about Proactol




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