Alli Diet Pill Review

Alli is the new diet pill thats clinically proven to aid weight loss. The Alli diet pill has just been released in the UK so we thought we had better put it to the test against Proactol - an already established and best selling fat binder. Read the full Alli diet pill review below...









Alli Slimming Pills Review - Is Alli worth buying?


The Alli diet pill has already been on sale in the USA for many years now, where it has received very mixed reviews.


Although clinically proven and years in the making, the Alli diet pill has not taken the diet world by storm as was once predicted.


Alli side effects


It appears the Alli diet pill comes with some rather embarrasing side effects, reports are circulating of chronic diarrhoea and watery stools. Something the makers of Alli openly admit too.


So it seems the miracle diet pill is still a way off...or is it? A handfull of leading medical experts believe there is already a product available that claims to already do what Alli does, but without any potentially harmful chemicals or unwanted side effects.


The Alli diet pill has a tough competitor - Proactol


Proactol is made from natural cactus plant extract, and although it has not had the massive corporate backing that the Alli diet pill has, Proactol still manages to out sell any other UK diet pill just on recommendation alone.


Proactol is medically backed and a certified medical device for weight loss. Proactol features 100% natural ingredients and unlike Alli, works as both a fat binder and appetite suppressant. 


Is Alli any good? We put the Alli diet pill and Proactol through their paces and the results are in....










Diet Pill Type


 Fat Binder

Fat Binder and Appetite Suppressant

Active Ingredient



Natural Cactus Plant Extract


Proof of Effictiveness


Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven

Medically backed



Pharmacy only must be over

18 and with a BMI of 28+


No restrictions

Claimed Fat Binding


Up to 25% fat binding

Up to 28% fat binding

Pills Per Pack






3 Pills a Day

Up to 3 Pills after main meals

Side Effects


Can Upset Stomach,

 diarrhoeah, gaul stones





28 Days on Unused Product

6 Month Full Money Back Guarantee

Price Per Month



Around 34.95 for 84 pack

(one month supply)


Around 25 per month when

ordering a 4 month supply




Worldwide (+ Postage)


Free delivery option available

Where to buy online


Best deal online

from Phamacy2U


Only available from the official
Proactol website -

Buy Proactol OR Read Review


Which Diet pill is the better option?

As the table above shows, both Alli and Proactol are quite similar and both are clinically proven fat binders and bind similar levels of fat.


However it is Proactol which gets our vote of approval -


    * Not only is Proactol a fat binder but it also works to suppresses appetite. 
    * 6 Month money back guarantee 
    * Natural non drug based product with no side effects
    * Far cheaper when compared to Alli.
    * Further savings when you bulk order

    * No restrictions or pharmacy consultations


All of these factors add up to make it a bit of a no-brainer. Both products can help you lose weight, however, Proactol is much cheaper and carries several other benefits such as the lack of side effects and the fact it helps to supress appetite, meaning you get two products for the price of one.


Alli Diet Pill Review - Conclusion

If your looking for a diet pill that works and helps you lose weight without any side effects, Proactol is our number one choice. While Alli has the media hype and long anticipated release, Proactol has easily established itself as the number one fat binder available today.


Proactol Proven Fat Binder 


Bind Up To 28% Of Your Dietary

  Fat Intake
Reduce Your Excess Body Weight

Suppress Your Appetite

Lower Your Cholesterol

Decrease Your Food Cravings

Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle

Maintain Long Term Weight Loss

100 Natural and Safe


Read our Proactol review to find out more 

or visit the Proactol website to buy.    




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