African mango for weight loss










African mango for weight loss

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African Mango and weight loss



You have probably heard of the acai berry super fruit. There is a new possible super fruit on the radar, though Ė the African mango. Preliminary studies are showing that African mango may be almost as effective as other previous super fruits, with one primary benefit.


Because it is a common bush plant in several regions of Africa, it is relatively cheap and common, making the supplement much more affordable than the previous super fruit options, even if it is more expensive than the typical fruit you see at your local supermarket.


A lot of people enjoy eating the fruit directly, although if this is not an option for you (or if you donít like the taste), you may prefer the African mango seed extract. The seed is highly rich in protein, and includes many other natural supplements. According to studies, the seed lowers blood lipids while also improving the bodyís ability to burn fat, due to high fiber content.


The African mango was originally viewed with skepticism. As time has gone on, however, sales have increased mostly due to word of mouth Ė the African mango seems to be working pretty well so far. Many people have reported losing over 5 or even 10 lbs per month of use.


But is African mango worth buying?


Even though the sales have increased, many still are skeptical of any special properties that the African mango might posses. In fact, some say that the African mango is no more beneficial for weight loss than any other food that is high in fiber (as the mango is).


If that is the case, then you could lose 5 to 10 lbs per month for a lot cheaper than buying African mango extract.


Another reason that skepticism of the African mango may still be a smart choice: side effects. Studies are still being undertaken, but some initial results show that African mango may actually cause some negative side effects. A few of those reported so far include gas, headaches, and some moderate insomnia. Doctors recommend that those who are pregnant or nursing stay away from African mango.


If you are interested in giving the African mango a try, chances are you might see some results. However, itís hard to say if the African mango is any more helpful than the common nutritious food that you can find at your local supermarket.



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