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Adios Max Review 

You may have seen Adios Max in your local supermarket, or the advert on TV and wondered what all the fuss was about.


We take a closer look at how Adios Max works to increase weight loss, and if there is sufficient clinical proof that this product actually works.


Read our Adios Max review below.





Adios Slimming Tablets



What is Adios Max?


Adios Max is the new and higher strength version of the herbal diet pill Adios.


The original Adios was one of the first all herbal diet pills to feature in major supermarkets chains.


Adios become an instant hit due to its low price, instantly recognisable packaging, and prominent advertising campaigns.


How does Adios Max work?


Amongst other ingredients, Adios Max contains a higher concentration of fucus extract than the original Adios product. 


Fucus is a type of seaweed which is rich in iodine. This naturally occurring chemical is an essential part of the hormone thyroxin, which stimulates the thyroid gland and is responsible for regulating metabolism.  


Is there any evidence that fucus helps you lose weight?


No. There are no clinical studies linking the original Adios or Adios Max to actual weight loss.


Studies have shown that people with an iodine deficiency may benefit from supplementing with Fucus extract.


However, nutritionists claim that a 99% of the western world consume sufficient levels of iodine in their regular diets, and will not experience any change in metabolism.


     Recommended Adios Max alternatives


One of the best rated supplements in recent years is Meratol - a one size fits all diet pill which limits carbohydrate and fat intake, while also boosting the metabolism and curbing cravings and overeating.


Featuring four clinically proven ingredients, Meratol is actually a combination of a number of existing proven diet pills, offering both value for money and effectiveness.


Read more about Meratol


Is there any other ingredient which may cause weight loss?


Adios Max also contains dandelion root which acts as a mild diuretic, causing the body to release water and making you visit the toilet more often. The other ingredient is boldo which has a laxative effect on the body. 


Adios Max side effects


Reports of side effects are extremely rare with Adios Max.


Adios Max rating  2.5/5


Adios Max is certainly one of the cheapest natural diet pills available. However, we feel that any weight loss will most likely be “water weight” due to the diuretic and laxative effect of dandelion root and boldo.


Once you stop using Adios Max, fluid levels (and therfore any weight lost) will in all probability return to normal.


Like many over-the-counter diet supplements available Adios Max has no clinical proof to back up its claims, and rather relies on heavy advertising and in this case its budget price to sell.


How much does Adios Max cost?


The lowest price we found for Adios Max is £9.95 from Evolution Slimming - one of the UK's largest and most trusted online slimming superstores. Free Shipping and a 7 day diet plan is included with your order.


Buy Adios Max with Free Shipping from Evolution Slimming


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