1200 calorie diet










1200 Calorie Diet



This 1200 calorie diet lets you pick your meals from the sample days shown, and it varies your daily choices for nutrients and good health.



The meals are quick and easy to prepare, and tasty and filling too!







1200 Calorie Diet - Delicious meals that add up to 1200 kcals.



The easy 1200 Calorie Diet


If you are looking to lose weight sensibly using a 1200 calorie diet, then try this simple diet plan below for great results. It will give you plenty to eat including veggie options, and we’ve included some delicious desserts and snacks so you don’t have to deny yourself a treat.


By cutting out many of the fatty foods and drinks that you often eat lots of without even realising – things like sugary drinks, pastry products, high fat cheeses and full fat sauces – it’s easy to cut enough calories for good, healthy weight loss.


Let’s start with your unlimited items: 


You can have an unlimited amount of water, regular tea, herbal tea, green tea, redbush tea, freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, fresh or dried herbs and spices, oil free French dressing, green salad, celery, cucumber and leafy green veg.


Want the best from the 1200 calorie diet?


Many dieters find they have the best success when they combine our 1200 calorie diet with a natural and gentle fat burner such as Capsiplex.


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1200 Calorie Diet - Day one


Breakfast – approx 250 calories
Egg on toast, 1 boiled egg on 1 medium slice of wholemeal toast with 2tsp low fat spread and 150ml of orange juice.


Mid morning snack – approx 100 calories
3 rich tea biscuits dunked in your tea.


Lunch – approx 350 calories
Mozzarella bap, fill one wholemeal bap with salad and 40g half fat mozzarella cheese then spread on 2tsp Hellman’s light mayonnaise. Plus one Shape low fat Fromage Frais with a handful of grapes.


Mid afternoon snack – approx 100 calories
2 cream crackers with 2 laughing cow light cheese triangles and 1tsp sweet pickle.


Dinner – approx 400 calories
Turkey Stir Fry, slice 125g fresh turkey breast and stir fry for 1-2 minutes in 1tsp sesame oil with 75g chopped broccoli and one medium carrot cut into strips. Add 1 sachet Blue dragon and spring onion sauce and heat for 1 minute while stirring. Serve with 5tsp cooked brown, basmati rice.


Veggie option – Mushroom omelette and chips, whisk 2 eggs and mix with 1 handful of sliced button mushrooms; 1tsp freshly chopped herbs and season to taste. Pour the mixture into a non stick pan spray with one cal spray oil. Cook thoroughly and serve with 100g pack McCain Microchips and 2tbsp peas.



1200 Calorie Diet - Day Two


Breakfast – approx 250 calories
Fruity muesli, 50g muesli with skimmed milk and a few halved grapes.


Mid morning snack – approx 100 calories
2 finger shortcake biscuits.


Lunch – approx 350 calories
Prawn and pasta salad, Mix 50g cooked pasta (dry weight) with 75g peeled prawns, 4 halved cherry tomatoes, 2 chopped spring onions and chopped cucumber. Toss in 1tbsp Hellman’s reduced calorie 1000 island dressing mixed with 1tbsp low fat bio yoghurt.


Veggie option - Egg and cress salad, quarter 2 boiled eggs and place in bowl with 1 handful of watercress, 1 handful halved cherry tomatoes, 3 chopped radishes and 1-2 slice spring onions. Drizzle with oil free French dressing and serve with 1 slice of medium wholemeal bread spread with 2tsp low fat spread. Plus one pear.


Mid afternoon snack – approx 100 calories
1 Wall’s Solero citrus.


Dinner – approx 400 calories
Chicken tikka masala, slice 1 medium, skinless chicken breast fillet and simmer in 115ml Homepride 96% Fat Free Tikka masala sauce until cooked through. Serve with 5tbsp cooked brown, basmati rice and a small green side salad. Plus 1 medium slice of melon.


Veggie option – Veggie burger and chips, Grill one Quorn quarter pounder and serve with 1 level tbsp Dijonnaise sauce, 100g pack McCain Microchips and 125g of frozen veggies.


1200 Calorie Diet - Day three


Breakfast – approx 250 calories
Fruit and yoghurt, 200ml low fat bio yoghurt with 150g berry fruits and 1tsp honey; 1 level tsp sunflower seeds.


Mid morning snack – approx 100 calories
150g Mullerice 99% fat free.


Lunch – approx 350 calories
Soup and bread, 300ml fresh deli counter mixed bean or lentil and vegetable soup served with 1 large slice of wholemeal bread. Plus 5 ready to eat dried apricot halves.


Mid afternoon snack – approx 100 calories
40g slice of rich fruit cake.


Dinner – approx 400 calories
Pizza, top 1 13cm ready made pizza basewith 2tbsp Dolmio Tomato Pizza sauce, vegetables of your choice and 2 levcel tbsp grated reduced fat mozzarella cheese. Bake in the oven until base is cooked through and the cheese is bubbling. Serve with a green side salad.



1200 Calorie Diet - Day four


Breakfast – approx 250 calories
Cereal, 2 Weetabix with skimmed milk and 1tsp Splenda.


Mid morning snack – approx 100 calories
1 medium banana; 2 dried apricots.


Lunch – approx 350 calories
Cheesy bean baked potatoe, 250g baked potatoe with 100g of baked beans and 2 slices of low fat cheese on top.


Mid afternoon snack – approx 100 calories
125g pot of low fat fruit flavour bio yoghurt; 6 almonds.


Dinner – approx 400 calories
Meat and veg, 3 small slices of lean roast beef of pork served with 150g baked sweet potato, topped with 1tsp butter. Serve with cooked green beans, courgettes and peas, fat skimmed gravy and 1tsp relish of your choice.


Veggie option – Veggie curry, chop a 350g selection of veg (go for cauliflower, carrots, squash, aubergine, onion) and simmer in 150ml Patak’s Dopiaza curry sauce until tender. Stir in 100g baby spinach leaves and serve on top of 4tbsp cooked, brown basmati rice with a dollop of low fat bio yoghurt; garnish with diced cucumber.



1200 Calorie Diet - Day five


Breakfast – approx 250 calories
Bread and jam, 1 slice of medium wholemeal bread with 1tsp low fat spread and reduced sugar jam or marmalade, ½ pink grapefruit and 200ml pot of Mullerlight yoghurt.


Mid morning snack – approx 100 calories
1 pot of low fat Ambrosia Devon Custard.


Lunch – approx 350 calories
Baked beans on toast, 200g baked beans on 1 medium slice wholemeal toast with 1tsp low fat spread. Plus 1 kiwi fruit or nectarine and 125g Shape Fromage Frais.


Mid afternoon snack – approx 100 calories
3 dark rye Ryvitas with 100g low fat cottage cheese, plus some cherry tomatoes.


Dinner – approx 400 calories
Pasta Bolognese, Brown 100g extra lean minced beef in a non stick pan. Add 150ml Dolmio tomato and chunky mushroom sauce and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve with 50 cooked pasta (dry weight) and salad.


Veggie option – Veggie Pasta, cooked 50g (dry weight) penne pasta, drain and stir into 200g of ready made ratatouille. Sprinkle with 1 level tbsp grated parmesan cheese and freshly chopped basil.



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